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But I I do wanna shout out the soundtrack like the actual soundtrack to hear to this movie, which I loved and have been listening to and his like, my new workout sits, it's a really very unusual for a superhero movie accepting maybe Black Panther. But even that that was a little more. I think curated by Lamar in his silent preferences in the range of sort of hip hop. Sounds that across this soundtrack a really loved in really liked in like how they're used in the movie it was unusual to is that is that black. She. Block sheep been a movie in twenty eight teen. That's awesome. We should move on by do you want to go? I can't decide who my favorites. Alternate spider is. I mean, I guess we kind of have to count Gwynne as the court one of the core three characters and she's tuba, but like nor and spider ham, penny Parker. They're also fun. It feels like very basic to say like I like spider ham, but everything that comes out of John Molina's mouth. It's now think you like I o tasha are you about to disagree with? I don't disagree that he's hilarious and fun. But when you mentioned his snout, like the fact that his nostrils are little spider is is constantly making little spider expressions and his nostrils get angry when he's angry and they get wide when he scared it freaked me. It was a perpetual. Uncanny. Does the uncanny valley exist for cartoon spider pig noses? That is a fair. Critique I my affection is primarily based in John Laney's voice performance the whole big mouth cast. This. Like, if you've seen, you know, Nick Kroll as in captain, her pants is. I mean, it's the next level voice actor and do every at multiple he does many ways on big mouth and milley's complete delight here. I don't have a favorite. I can't. I it's very hard. For me to resist nNcholas cage is. But everyone's really wonderful. I've actually I've got a really tragic choice. I I was just so taken with a regional world. Peter Parker who who dies and suspend Chris pine Peter Parker slash Spider-Man. Liz, there's something. So nobly tragic about the way he goes out. And you know, it's the something that you don't ever get to see is like a superhero giving his all and losing. And then not coming back. You know, not being resurrected in some form. And it's it's terrifying. What happens to him is is viscerally horrifying. And I'm pretty impressed that the movie went there. But that scene where he's you know, he he has to kind of chase miles off because he can see what's going to happen. And he has to both assign him a terrible duty and protect him by getting him out of there. You know, so his final moments that that version of spider man can faces enemy loan. It's one of the more poignant things, I think I've seen. In a superhero movie period without even getting into it being like an animated cross time adventure thing you just like him because he doesn't have a weird snout. I do like that. He doesn't have a words now that would've made that way less poignant. Well, probably keep talking about snouts. One form or another. But we'll wrap up this purely into the spider versus cussin' as move into connections after break. Chapter with it out again with and release it. And really, you're not really..

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