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What what you're saying I liked his, arm strength like, a couple of the decisions that he made a couple of my. Didn't like it took a couple hits I don't think he had to even more importantly, Paul no turnovers no interceptions no really dumb mistakes that Kirk, cousins in the first half Trevor simian the new quarterback Simeon back to, pass throws left incomplete looking, for running back Mike plume a ninety one yard game Saturday against, the Jacksonville Jaguars the Vikings offensive wine The second offensive line with a couple of guys who played in front of cousins in the, first half including Albion Collins Collins now be left. Guard the inside a storm Norton winners the center Danny Isadora a majority of the game didn't. Get the start he's the right guard and rookie Brian O'Neil the right tackle zooming tosses tabun following a cavalcade of Vikings starters is hitting stopped at the thirty. One yard line Mike? Boon against Jacksonville quite the game he did a very physical game a week ago and Mike Gomez just what we needed her on the. Linebacker to get himself outside spring for big game taken, the hit, goes out. Of, bounds visa physical assaults because it takes the hand off with his, shoulder square and, has really good vision, even the cutback field and get some tough yards Minnesota's seventy. Percent on third down the semi and, let Vikings trail, ten six Simeon back to pass Hiddensee throws and he doesn't grow it in fact he has sacked He was sacked by Erik Walden formerly of the, Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis Colts. Signed, this week when the Seahawks released a. Linebacker Marcus Smith and the Vikings go three now coaches are not going to like that one is. Brian O'Neill gives up a sack Mike Boone misses the chip block on the way out so you had. Two guys to block the outside linebacker and neither one of them got, the. Job done so there's gonna be. Some discussion on the sidelines somehow happy off fronts, coaches I'll tell you that right now..

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