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Used to play professional golf. Now you see me blunting. Mike Leavitt on the INSTAGRAM. We it talk about golf. Talk about light. You never really know where we're going to go with says which makes it exciting also terrifying. I'm just telling all of my deepest darkest secrets because I have no filter. Listen to playing around on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or every get your podcast back. The wells cast andres episodes. Were interviewing these most self-aggrandizing Duscher in Allah podcasting world me. I'm interviewing myself. This is very weird. But you know what quarantines messing with all of our brains and listen We just couldn't get a guest today so this is as good as it's going to get to wells. Welcome back into the Shell. Thanks did Okay so where was I so I go do the first round of auditions in Los Angeles. They fly you out to Los Angeles. You stay at the Sheraton. You could spit on. Lax see the share at an and they just going over you it with a fine tooth comb. Pi Going through all year arrest records like digging up all this dirt on you just should. Obviously it's television. Show your take an S. T. D. TESTS. You have to take a five hundred questions psych evaluation which is the weirdest by the way. I've done five of these shows. I think we test every single time. Because they gotta make sure on a crazy which is obviously a little crazy. But they're poking and prodding you and then they get you dressed up and then you go do all these interviews. It's you know when you watch the bachelor and it's like you see on account talking or singing a chair talking about what's going on. Basically they go make you do that and so they made me do one of those near like Heyman your radio. Dj like do radio bit by the way. This is still like me being like. There's no way I'm GonNa get but let's see how far down the rabbit hole. We go alice so I sat down. I did radio bit. I think it might have done the same just me bit because I was like well that work before. I'll try it again. So you go do that. I the personnel interviewing thought. It was funny. They thought whatever. And they'll come with me one. I want to introduce you some friends. So then they take me through that room into another room and there are about twenty five. My age people sitting on couch staring at television with a chair in for the television. What's up guys? Hey have a seat so I sat down and I look behind me. And there's television and oh you were watching the whole thing. And they're like yeah we were. Oh cool and then the real audition starts and it's all my age people now granted. I'm older than most Bashar contestants. Right I was thirty one when I went on the show. Everyone else's like round like twenty six twenty seven. So I'm looking at this like see if producers who are all about my age like the EP of the show. This guy named lawn gale he was. He's like a year older than me. I had all these buttons on my Jean Jacket. They're like what the on your jacket. These my fourteen pieces of flair dude. I was told that this was the required amount of flair that I needed to work at charge. And that was a rip off from a movie called office space and so everyone started laughing and that one and so then. I got like annoyed. That they're kind of ripping on my flattens. I had one button that was a wilco button and Wilco is the band out of Chicago. They're amazing Jeff tweedy shout. That's a band called WILCO. As you guys probably don't know about because I don't know you guys are all living in Los Angeles and it's not Justin Bieber's p bucket so you guys probably know about it and this is a Taco because tacos awesome at bottle Saracho. Because I feel strongly about hot sauces. And Oh and that's cassette. 'cause I like music and I got really defensively. They're like laughing at me. 'cause I I guess I I took it too far. No push my buttons a for whatever reason they like me and then they asked me to go on the show. I heart allowed me to take a leave of absence. Listen it went fine. Gioja wasn't into me. If washed it probably is is that I was good at that show. I was very good at doing rally. Tv and I'll tell you why because as long as you don't say anything stupid you're fine and as long as you get to be somewhat entertaining and kind of play ball. Help tell the story in those interviews. Then you're fine and that's what I was. I had been in radio since I was seventeen years old. I had the FCC screaming down my back. Ever since I was a kid so I was able to self edit on that show and I was able to just get to the show very easily. The problem was that was hard for me to make out with her. 'cause never was around her because I didn't have cool quaffed hair didn't have ABS- down my taint whole okay so I was just a skinny radio hipster guy but I like became really good. Friends with the crew was identified with them so much more than the cast. Even those friends the cast radio guys. I was into the mics and I wanted to know about what Mike's they were using. And like what? They were editing on. And also when I worked at the radio station I used to edit all the in-studio videos like a bunch of really actually very proud of what he does editing Pro Or is it. Avid now? Crew became my buds. When I got kicked off the show and I knew that they want to be on paradise. I really didn't want to do the show. They fought tooth and nail to do Basham Paradise and I was like listen guys. I don't WanNa do that show. I'm a little raw after being like a dip shit on that reality TV show. I think I'm done and they really want to be there Sean. We'll hey listen man you know. I was a bartender and a waiter when I I was getting going in Nashville. Let me be the bartender. And they're like no. You can't because we have a bartender and I said okay. Well if I agree to this and that position ever becomes available. Will you offer it to me? I and here's my big thing. I think that my big point for these this the show. Guess what the answer is always no a hundred percent of the time. If don't ask so I asked. And they said Yeah. Wealth ever becomes available. Sure it okay Rusia I still want. It was opened. Finding love wanted to go to Mexico. You know that's Kinda how I negotiated that it was just like. Hey man if it ever becomes available. I want to do that. And they're like shout. Nc K. PRODUCTION. Shout at the ABC show to along gale in all the other producers over there because they honored it because the next season happened. Ori- originally was the bartender for that resort and so he was just working there and somehow he kinda got brought into the show and then he left that job to go start tourism company so when that happened it wasn't like they fired. Jorges for me. It was A. He laughed like have a better life. And so they're like you know it we're gonNA bring wells in. He's GonNa he's me instrumental for the show for us because he's going to be able to actually speak English. That was the problem with Horn as is bad. He's been here. He's done the show he can give everyone advice on what to do and what not to do he could be a confidante. And that's what a bartender really is. Right like the first-ever therapist in the world where bartenders in hairdressers. So that's slow rollers and I make mean Margarita. So I did that. Show why? I'm valuable to bachelor in. Paradise is because everyone that comes on. That show trusts me. Because I've been there and I've seen it and like I don't want anyone look bad on. Tv I really don't and so if you're doing something stupid on that show. I'm a tell me the first to tell you and like you got to see like a little bit in this last season where I was like John Jones. You look so dumb Bro. Because you're going after the guy that looked so nice he was totally cool about getting dumped by Danny and then her bring her girlfriend from not the bachelor world on the beach. And you're making like all this stuff like I was like dude. You look at an angle of people saw that and they're like you know wells on our side and that's could and of course also like I think things are funny and so like if things are funny going to help them be funny. You know I mean. I'm a little bit of a pot store but for the most part like I help people out in the show you. The rest is history. Right like my fiance's highland. It was a huge fan of the Bachelorette and the Bachelor and bathroom paradise. That first season of me doing puppets and everyone thought that was so funny. I was showcased a lot on that first season of Bachelor in paradise. Yeah she tweeted out to me and I shot my shot and you boy made it because guess what you miss one hundred seven shots you don't take just the answer's always no one hundred percent of time. If you don't ask and I've got a bunch of different shows now and a bunch of different venues. The point of this show is how do you get successful and for me because I'm not the best looking guy? I'm not the funniest guy. Not The smartest guy but I tell you what I am. I'M ON TIME. I'm always in a good mood even when I'm not in a good mood. I'm in a good mood when I'm at work. I mean easy to work with and I get shit done. What is the saying like? Ninety percent of success is just showing up. It's so true. Take US further like show up on time if not early B super pumped to be there. Make everyone's Day a little bit better because you're there you know like throwing the smile be fun be like Yeah. Whatever you do do this thing this week like be pumped about it. Be Annoyed when you should be annoyed. They don't be like the Douchebag yes man but be joy to work with it all goes back to my when I was doing my own morning show and I was talking about this on Justin Silvester. Podcast SIP when I was doing my morning show. I was having to do all the booking and so is having to deal with a lot of artists and a lot of comics a lot of actors and having to deal with their managers as well. I came across so many managers and so much talent. That was tough to deal with that when the next year came around and they came back through town or their new another movie or television show came up and they wanted to come to interview with me and they were a pain in my ass..

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