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When help you apply that knowledge in tokyo across different competencies over time in that was Starting that company really was Was definitely an experience of drinking through a fire. Hose i starting it out. I didn't even know how to buy domain unless there wasn't a lot of no code platforms out there. To build websites were press was was kind of a to what year was this rhyme. That was That was two thousand late. Two thousand eleven or to get two thousand eleven going into two thousand twelve okay. I just wanted to get some perspective on on the date on that so we know where we were. Okay sorry to interrupt yes. No worries worries So that was two thousand two thousand eleven going in two thousand twelve and and that was So really start to get that off the ground. I stopped going out as much. I got really passionate about getting building this platform and learning everything. I could to do so and was spinning weekends. Staying up till four. Am in the computer labs. Were this in. Just learning everything i could. But building this platform with my partner and others who had ended up joining but through through that experience In parallel graduated nave academy went into a be an active duty military officer On the track of aviation But was still running this company in parallel and you had a long distance relationship in bulgaria. Which i was managing Start running trying to get a company off the ground grow that and then and the being active military all serves not not the best balancing. Act you like you like a full plate. Yeah you could say that. In so i As i was a win in the military is in flight school. In pensacola that was two thousand thirteen and was continuing to going through. Pretty pretty tough Regimen of just flight training and learning how to fly while My off any off hours. I had was working on. Fx connection well ended up happening. After two years of running that company we grew it to generate revenue. We're making a couple of thousand dollars a month and it wasn't anything we grew it to to monetize and and then we were had also built out. a team and brought on some engineer contracting engineers things about for but really it made so many different mistakes but ended up not that we couldn't course correct or iterating off of those learn as we continue to learn from those is a just became operationally. Dysfunctional is all of my partners. Were active duty military on planes and boats around the world so it's trying to operate the business was very weird. Got to be very difficult. But was really i would say it definitely ignited the entrepreneurial flame in really just had me itching at going through that i was just next thing i did was started a google doc of ideas Those ideas new ideas popped up kept running list of the types of types of just experiencing or encountering different problems in where there could be solutions for those in so all of that led to me starting or can experiencing are encountering this new as i was stationed pensacola ceiling flight. School encountered this new technology. service had just had launched in Pensacola it was called uber. And uber was as a new innovative company that Someone sat me down on the couch and showed me. They're like look whenever i take flights. I request uber. And i tried using the first time was like this thing doesn't work. Like what is this and i..

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