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Confederate army beginning at shilo church greta the other hand has a quality that forest also has but on the other side because grant was not a lieutenant colonel leading a cavalry brigade but he was a commander of several divisions grants determination was his strains at the end of this day april six this is southwestern tennessee the battle of shallow around shallow church which is a very small it's confer it's it's there today the battlefield is very much worth visiting and that the small church was probably a baptist church you're methodist meeting house was on the flank where sherman was holding grant at the end of the day is confronted by one of his colleagues who they've been waiting for all day bule and uh they think that they are beaten the commanders who are better than grand smarter than grand richer than grant they think they're beaten and grant risk bonds will whip them tomorrow will see the only person at that date on april six as darkness is falling we see the only person who believe that they could fight another day jack well it cream so i mean if if there was somebody else it's it's hard to know who it was i mean you know sherman was a battler who was bloodied bet day but a was coming to grant that night to say you know why don't we go you know go retreat across the river in put the river oh between us and confederate soon and so we started out by saying we've read the devil grown day today day we grant and grant said before before sherman could go on he said lick them tomorrow though let come tomorrow and that was grants determination these two men when we come back other than the relationship between grand and sherman is important to understand about grand success in the war the book is born the battle grant the determined failure out of the army now commanding the success a shallow church on april seven and nathan bedford forest no military training whatsoever and a man who are from the evidence in jack look i could hardly spell when he left notes at all but both of them understood that in this war particularly fighting meant killing and killing and killing i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show the bring you said you can trust.

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