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This time I can leaven thirty W. I. S. and mark Belling late afternoon show. it is just a trouble making show which is the. but here it's coming next. can help some days just work out that way. I mentioned that the Menomonee falls school district here is saying that it will respond to about this I don't know that I've ever made a more basic open records requests then send me all the documents that have the word nickname our mascot in them this year. given the fact that all you have to do is do a quick search on your computer they pop right up and given the fact that I want to make electronically transmitted there's no copying costs the mailing costs no not that. pretty easy for most people leaving you could do this slap Molland will file an email the file that's simple. but no they want a hundred and seventy eight dollars. the first well I'm not gonna pay the hundred seventy eight dollars our company could probably afford it bought. I'm not going to let them think that every single time I try to get records of them that they can come up with some ridiculous number to dissuade me from what quest thing that they do what they are legally required to do. if it wise a voluminous requests that would be very very hard to go through our records that wouldn't be necessarily electronic like going through files of nineteen twenty six they'll be one thing but it's not. so I'm not gonna pay of the body and I will consider filing a criminal complaint against them for evading the law even though I realize that our Waukesha county to try to get the district attorney to do anything about some of the shenanigans that go on in local government is almost impossible. so if I don't get the records that I don't because they just decided once again to be obstructive I don't get the records. it got me to wondering. would they be as obnoxiously abusive been uncooperative added such cover up mode to their own residents. so what I've done if you go to my website Belling dot com and click on the third hotlink the second one shows the email that they sent to me in which they denied they said you got to pay a hundred and seventy eight dollars for us to follow the law the third hot link what I did is I prepared a very brief. open records requests that you can fill out you don't even have to live in Menomonee falls but I think it would be most fascinating of somebody in Menomonee falls that. I put the email address for the school superintendent I'm that is Thailand superintendent Colin this is a request for records under Wisconsin open records act I request all records including but not limited to email sent to or from any distinction ploidy containing the words mascot or nickname and I backed it up this time from January first twenty eighteen to the present electronic transmission is the matter that I said at the bottom provide your name address and email obviously you have to sign it with a name because your house can they respond. so anybody you'd like to do that you can copy and paste that and put your name on there or you can simply write out exactly what I wrote is any number of ways you could do a copy and paste is the easiest and then just put your name and email at the bottom of the thing. and then set it off to that address. and let me know how they responded to it. here's the thing I don't know of anybody do this but if anybody actually does bite out and given the hundred and seventy eight dollars that means the records are dot. and there wouldn't be any additional costs to anyone else this is a I'm not going to do it because I'm not going to cooperate in a shakedown effort by and by a local government to not follow the law I'm just not going to pay him for that it would imply that I am accepting that this is legitimate for them to charge a hundred and seventy eight dollars for the record that they've already acknowledge that they located that what we have to determine if the response if I said I want records that have these words and if that means they are responsive. I know in a lot of communities and I get this sense because people in Menomonee falls talk to be all the time how do they get behind all this stuff out. everybody freaks about upsetting the apple cart up there and it's. this goes back even in the nineties when back to ball was in charge I mean. there may be a lot of people who are literally afraid to make an open records request either there are other communities are nobody scared anybody and others were people are just terrified to take out the power structure. so. all I'm suggesting that you do is take advantage of the law in the state of Wisconsin and request records because I'm fascinated to see whether or not they're gonna turn around to tell their own people. that we're just going up not follow the law I charge an absurd B. and throw that in your face in an attempt to stop you from finding out what we're doing here a government at the very time were pretending that we're interested in getting your date you have a point I let the team nickname is I don't know how many people will do this or not but I provided on their end Belling dot com to click on the link and so on. or they could just send me the seven hundred and eighty six records and I can plow through up and see whether or not there's anything interesting there and for all I know maybe there is a total I know I don't have it yet add the cost that as a seed for doing that we'll be nonexistent there's no cost to send an email and they found that they did they ran the search to get all the stuff that's on there put it in a file I'm not asking anything be copied and not not that email it over here. the cost of the exact same month at a cost me the email thing to them in the first place nothing. what is the make it I know they're making it sound like that and that's the thing that's happened since records have become electronic and online and in the current form that there yeah and it's become harder for government officials to try to get around the open records act although more and more and more of them are assessing the species that are in place because they don't like the scrutiny that comes in and again as I say I can see in certain instances where he would be appropriate and I can also see some people just some agitator in the local community filing eight hundred and fifty two of them a day that you would have to determine that but the spirit of the law is is the public records are available to the public and the public has a right to see them that's why we have the law and you shouldn't be able to come up with absurd fees to get around them and as I say most communities doubt and most of the time when I make a records request even if they don't like providing it to be they provide it because it doesn't cost any time at all and it's very simple to do but as I say in Menomonee falls it's always like. you're always climbing a mountain in Menomonee falls just at least I'm always climbing a mountain over there and. there's always don't be deals going on like of all the places that that that we have no need to drop the Indian team nickname you would think it would be Menomonee falls where it's probably supported by ninety eight percent of the community but the two percent of trouble makers include some people who have some influence and boy boy if in there we find out who that is who it is that shopping for this and let people know that they're the ones that said it because it's in a record I intend to expose that too and anybody that tries to agitate for this by making any comment to any public official out there I think people ought to know who it is that's exactly out there that is deciding to call everybody else in Menomonee falls a racist for Derry cheer for a team that has any idea de deck they bought right. I am a C. I. as I said I'm a pain in the **** but again a good way. all right we've got another topic this coming up in the next segment I will tee it up in the following fashion. this is following example is not true. but I want you to imagine if it was. I imagine Tom Barrett took a piece of property in the city of Milwaukee. it sold it to somebody for a Buck. and that company then turned around and paid a company owned by Tom bear at a few hundred thousand dollars to develop the project. in other words the mayor sells city land for a dollar a gets hired for hundreds of thousands of dollars to do something with the guy that got the land for a dollar a match that. I think even the median Milwaukee would be all over that don't you now of course this isn't happening Tom bear it's not doing that a Tom Brady is no more ability to run a construction company than I do. but it's happening somewhere. and I'm gonna let you know about it forty deuce academic thirty WISN it's time for rapid traffic.

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