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It is you heard there in the newscast the city of austin is going to tackle the growing problem of highly costly unaffordable daycare that it is it's something that a lot of family struggle with day to day and it determined sometimes where they live determined sometimes where they work yeah in some cases and now the city is going to work on maybe come up with some some solutions here's the story from kfc in but there's work council member deli garza says the city can be doing to help i think some low hanging fruit our policies for example because of our zoning there's just childcare is not allowed in some areas one thing we can do is allow childcare as a use in more zoning category yeah you're gonna change possibly some zoning categories to allow a daycare center to be built in some areas that could be built before yeah i could be very cynical about this and i could be negative about it and i say okay why did you have kids now you don't know what to do with him during the day should have thought about that but i'm not going to change anything with that and so the deal is it's here we gotta deal with it because it is a problem and it does affect the economy it does because parents are having to shell out an enormous amount of money in many cases for this and in some cases one example we had in the story where you've got this family they live in north austin they have to take their child to flu northwest austin they take their child from northwest alway to pflueger ville for childcare before before light then they drive back into downtown austin to work and then go back to pflueger ville and then you know and they do that because that's the only a daycare provider they could find that they actually trusted this is a real factor for all of us that are working sarah o'connor has two children two and four and we have our house around six thirty to drive them from northwest austin to pflueger ville and then i drive downtown to my job here in austin she and her husband down to police the trust with ours that work after crossing about seven others off the list it's worth the drive and.

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