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Series, just wanna get your final thoughts before you head over to the TV side, as far as what's going on down the ice you at a chat a chance to chat with Jordan Benny did at so many of the blues final thoughts before outside. Well, it just an incredible. An incredible spectacle here for the St Louis blues, an incredible run. Going from last place in January to this point and the, the level of belief inside this blues locker room. They, they had a lot of different different parts different guys contributing a goaltender that started the year in the minors, and now is able to come in and, and win a Stanley Cup rhino Riley coming from an organization where he missed the playoffs. It was disappointing really was their best player all year long, and then eventually wins the Kansai trophy, just so many incredible story lines. And it just goes to show you that timing is everything if you can get your game into form at the right time of year. Anything is possible, a tremendous job by Craig ba- ruby to get these guys to believe in themselves to dig out of the hole that they were in to see the excitement in these guys phases. I mean it's something else, the next player that who never won and came close. At one time in a Stanley Cup final losing in six games. I know the pain of being on the other side but to see these guys and how happy they are truly as something something to see. All right. Affects boost great job. Thanks guys. We'll see. All right. Brian Boucher heading over to. NBC S N as the blues continue to celebrate Colton break. Oh, just posed for a photo with eleven year old, Layla Anderson, and the Stanley Cup tears in her eyes. What a seen what an unbelievable scene. Colton Perico was really the player that connected with her early on. And they formed a son, believable relationship, she with him him with her, and it grew to what it's become here. And then she's been in port and part of this blows team. Golden break. Oh handing the Cup back to Pat. Maroon family members friends around the ice, the Saint Louis lows will four one victory in game seven over the Boston Bruins they win the Stanley Cup in seven games. And they continue to celebrate here at TD garden. The St Louis blues are the Stanley Cup champions, much more to come from Boston. When we return in conjunction with NBC.

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