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Eastern and this week's guest is Gulfstream and Fox Sports handicapper Acacia Courtney and with that huge carryover and expected $6 million pool into the 20 cent Rainbow Six at Gulfstream later today. I figured she would be a great guest for you to call in and talk with. You can do that 10 a.m. eastern as I open up the phone lines and you get to be the host of the show. If you would prefer not to be on radio, if you're a little shy about that, no problem. If you want to ask Acacia a question, you can email it to me, might get horse racing radio dot net. And I will pass it along for you. Again, that comes up at 10 a.m. eastern. John embryo had the call of the sleepy hollow stakes and ship stational second stakes victory. That was on October 30th, his final start in his two year old season. He returned in his first try at three to be runner up in the grade three Sam F Davis. That was back on February 12th and his trainer Eddie Barker may be better known for being a yearly contender in the under 20s claiming challenge in New York, but now he is on the Derby trail for the first time and what an experience it is for him. He's with me now here on HR N any good morning. Good morning, Mike, how you doing? Yeah, doing really, really well. So I'll just start with this one. What's it like to be on The Kentucky Derby trail? Well, it's pretty exciting and waiting a long time to get a cult like this and I'm really looking forward to him doing going forward in the next race in the Tampa Bay Derby and then hopefully you can get to the big dance. He is a New York bread. So the sleepy hollow is a New York bread steaks and he was running in those types of races. Last year, it was a big step up for him in the CMF Davis. But boy, he didn't disappoint. How good was that effort? I thought he ran fabulous. He got a little bit of trouble coming out of the gate. They had his head cut to the left and we thought if we could get a clean break away from there and get a good position going for the first turn is what the plane was, but like I said, he came out of the gate. We said cock to the left and he got off a step slow, but javi input and right in behind horses and we didn't get the best run into the turn, but he was taking all the dirt and down the backside the horse inside of him was trying to carry him out and actually carried him out into the turn. But what really impressed me was the way he finished and Javier castellano said the same thing he's man. This was can run. So we're excited. I think we've cleaned a trip. I don't know if I would have beat that horse, but it might have been instead of three lengths, maybe a lens who knows, you know? But in that horse, Eddie classic causeway is a horse now that people are talking about as one of the leading contenders for The Kentucky Derby. He has a Derby pedigree. He's ultra talented and now you know that your horse can run with him. Oh,.

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