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I mean in those two games completed seventy six percent of temps for five hundred seventy five yards six touchdowns to interceptions and a hundred thirteen point seven passer rating. I mean that is good performance last year on Monday night. Football was crazy. Like, I was there watching his live. I couldn't believe what Mayes were seeing especially when he threw that past Corey Clement and the touchdown which was his play that he put into the playbook. I mean, I was just like come on. How can this guy? Not be MVP this year was ridiculous. So I don't know if he's going to be able to make those same kind of plays. On Monday night here. But I would have some kind of hope that he might. Maybe there's something in Washington's defense that he's able to have success against if not you've mentioned here John that this Washington run defense is worse than eagles in terms of Devia way. They ranked twenty six while you'll the twenty fourth so and you look at what some of these running backs have done in the past four weeks against Greg Muskie's defense here. I mean, Zeke Lamar Miller Alford blue pain barber Tevin Coleman in Edo Smith. They all combined for ninety carries forty two yards. So five point one average and two touchdowns. So the should be able to to move this ball on the ground. I think Washington's front is better than New York had to offer last week. They have some players who are tougher in. That regard for sure, and I don't know if Josh Adams as undrafted rookie you like you can't get expectations too high here. I don't you know, he's not like, yeah. I saw people I saw people talking about, you know, do you even need to go. Get a running back. Here. Now that you've got I mean, let's let's everybody take your, you know, let's pump the brakes hating Josh Adams. I I like to know I love Josh. You know one game. And hopefully, they do go back to him. I was great to see him get what he had twenty two carries against the giants. I would love to see him. A love the see the team stick with him. Especially was working. Why not stick with that hand? And I think hopefully, the goes do that they don't try to make everything around. I mean, you should get Cory climate. Some touches he he was productive last week. Hopefully, get him a little bit more involved in third down because that's probably know where what offering you best right now. You know, it's not like you're counting on Jess Adams to be a third down back. You know, he's he doesn't really he's not proven as receiver by any means. He's not probably the most experienced player as a pass protector. So that's a good spot to get Corey. Or unless rose is ready. Right. Right. Can't even assume that like I will believe I will believe hamstring out in practice tomorrow. He writes, I am not. I'm not counting on him to be even if he's like fully ready in cleared if they say that I'm just not believing it until I see on the field. So that's that's where I mean, they have an opportunity to run here. The gotta get it done. I think looking also at the passing game here. I think they just listen. I know you traded a third round pick to get golden Tate. But they gotta stop trying to force feed him the football. This team does best when they're running out at a two tight end personnel and three tight end personnel..

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