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The group says about 3500 infants, many of whom are in socially disadvantaged communities, die from sleep related infant deaths in the U.S. each year. The rate of sudden unexpected infant deaths among black and Native American infants was more than double that of white infants. Money news of 25 and 55, here's Brandon Hazleton. Bruce, the markets were closed yesterday for the Juneteenth federal holiday, things getting back going in a shortly 35 minutes from now and a futures look not too bad the Dow futures currently up 424 points. NASDAQ gaining 182 S&P up 58. Twitter's board is recommending that shareholders approve the proposed $44 billion sale of the company to billionaire Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO reiterated his desire to move forward with the acquisition last week during a virtual meeting with Twitter employees those shares of Twitter remain far below his offering price signaling considerable considerable doubt that this will happen. Here's our up a fraction this morning before the opening bell and still falls far short of the $54 20 cents per share that Musk has offered. And tens of thousands of railway workers have walked off the job in Britain, bringing the train network to a crawl. The country's biggest transit strike in three decades, about 40,000 workers have walked off, only about a 5th of passenger trains in Britain are scheduled to run today. The dispute centers on pay working conditions and job security. Brendan Hazleton, WTO news, money news sponsored by fairfax county, commuter services, whether it's bus

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