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Guts for doing it shouldn't take guts but the movie tells the story about what occurred in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine when senator ted kennedy drove his car off a bridge on chappaquiddick it says chappaquiddick island in martha's vineyard a little technical issue there and the passenger mary jo kopechne e was killed at the beverly hills premier and screening of the film at the samuel goldwyn theater allen referred to capac the as one of the original metoo victims you just heard that and the actors involved with the film also felt pressure and the director john curran said the film is the truth because it draws on what factually happened and the senators version of events still jason clark who portrays ted kennedy and the movie said he was uneasy about taking on the role i was nervous on can i do it level and i guess on a should i do it level jason clark explain we're not making propaganda here's the amazing incredible traumatic event which i think has had a massive impact and still does and the effect of the world the world's we're now in the twentieth twentieth century american history okay kate mera who plays mary jo kopechne he said she was more concerned with showing that kopechne he was more than what the nineteen sixty nine articles that mara red depicted her to be the actress was also worried about how compact family would receive the film how decent of kate merrill according to mera it was important to quote make sure we show her in a way that's respectable and that honors her in some small way and quote ed helms tackles the role of joe garriga in an attorney and kennedy cousin helms talked about how the film compares to the current scandals and alleged coverups surrounding the trump administration he said chappaquiddick shows how the kennedys could shape the narrative of the accident he said now it just feels like such a chaotic soup of news or counter news or fake news all the time ed helms said it's hard to kind of.

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