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Are counterproductive weather. Jim commes doing it. Whether the FBI is doing it. Whether congress is doing it. The remedy for leaks is not to have a public hearing where you are supposed to ask about seventeen months worth of work and five minutes. I think the remedy is to videotape. The deposition videotape. The transcribed interview that way the public can see whether the question was fair. They can judge the entirety of the answer. But there is no founder on the planet that tries to discover the truth and five minute increment. And I can't think of one that dodger don't actional television. I wish Trey gouty weren't retiring. Wow. He's so often says the things that are just clearly true. That's true gouty who's retiring congressman because he can't stand it. Can't stand DC any anymore. The hypocrisy grandstanding and stupidity. And there's a beautiful example of it. There's not a fact finder on the planet who thinks that they can get to the truth in five minutes, and certainly not on a live telecast. So this is what we're talking about. Committee. The Republicans still run talking about subpoena. Ing James, call me to ask him some more questions about this whole rush investigation, blah, blah, blah, the whole thing Qomi said he doesn't wanna do it. Because he's worried there'll be selective links leaks that will misconstrue what he said, which they're almost certainly would be Trey Goudy Cy. And he said I wanna public hearing. I don't wanna go behind closed doors because it'll just leak out, and it will be misrepresenting what I actually said, which is a decent worry. He wants a public hearing tray gouty sink those public hearings, which we just saw recently with Cavanaugh and a bunch of other different stuff recently as as Hoti says that the whole everybody gets five minutes, but that's no way to figure anything out. Here's a question for you. And the answer is so you do it behind closed doors and videotape it, right? And then released the whole thing. Yeah. Okay. So this is tangential, but. The the answer to this question is because Washington is phony in full of bunch abra grits. Here's the question if the Republicans out of fear of the optics would grant all their time to a woman who. Ooh, I'm talking about during the cabinet on hearings, the questionings of Christine Blasi Ford. The prosecutor lady who I'm sure is a fine professional had no idea of the pace and the politics involved, and it was terribly mishandled until Lindsey Graham. Just said I'm not putting up with that. I'm doing mom using my own time. Thank goodness. He did if they do that. Why wouldn't they instead of five minute veering side to side, non continuous? Haphazard show boaty grilling. So why wouldn't they just say Trig out of your former prosecutor in Europe bulldog? You got this one have a vote behind closed doors and Trey Goudy would sit there for forty five minutes and grill James Komi how much better, and listen, maybe you're a democrat flip flip the other side. If you want you want somebody to grill Donald junior about the alleged meeting or something same thing applies. Why wouldn't you have them do the questioning for forty five straight minutes because none of those grains standards are going to give up their five minutes shot at getting on the evening news has nothing to do with Justice or getting to the truth. Nothing you're being manipulated. So one of the circuses that the Roman emperor referenced in give them bread and circuses. So that was Trey Goudy on Fox News Sunday. I believe yesterday and the other thing he talked about was this Trump versus Roberts feud that happened last week, and you might have missed it because it happened literally on Thanksgiving Day. I saw the headline was the perfect. Example of if you're on vacation, you're not following the news, and you come back, and you still didn't really pick up on the controversies you missed your fine. I'm not going to be fine. I'm not going to get into the details. The ninth circuit court of appeals which gets overturned all the time made yet another ruling against Trump on the whole immigration thing, and it quite possibly you will be return overturned when it gets to the supreme court happens all the time. But anyway, Trump fired off that the US the ninth circuit court of appeals is a disgrace that it was an Obama judge that made this ruling, and it's unfair, blah, blah, blah. We'll never get a fair shake in the night circuit. And then chief Justice Roberts in what is being called by many stories and unprecedented. Deciding to come out and get into the politics of boy, not a good idea decided to tweet back that there are no Obama judges or Trump judges, we're all dedicated men to blah, blah, blah. You can you can imagine what he said. And why he got into that? Nobody's exactly. Sure. He was a couple of glasses of wine in clearly. Quite possibly drunk tweeting and the number of people have pointed out Trump's not the first president to criticize the supreme court. There's actually a long this fairly recently with Barack Obama in a state of the union address criticize the supreme court with them sitting there right for a decision. They made and stated that it was clearly wrong. Remember when whichever Justice shook his head. No, no, no, no. You got it. Wrong citizens United. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway. And legislators famously clapping as loud as they could right next to the judges heads, right? Which actually I think it was Roberts the other day. I don't know why we go it's become a political pep rally. But so on that idea what Trump tweeted out about their Obama judges in you can't trust no bomb judge in that sort of stuff. Trae Ghani was asked about that yesterday. And he said I wish chief Justice Roberts were right that there are no Obama. Judges are judges are Clinton judges. I wish there were not a politicization of the judiciary. But it's not just politicians. He said every print article that you will go find this afternoon refers to judge is based on the president that put them in office, and you see terms like conservative and ultra conservative and liberal and moderate, which are political terms, but they're used to describe judges you in the media do that all the time. So acting like that's not a thing is ridiculous priyanti county for president. But he doesn't want the job. So Trump pointing that out is not crazy when the media every story they ever do about a judge. They mentioned which president appointed them. They obviously think that means something. Yeah. Also with adding with the lab label, the conservative judge, the moderate judge. They do it all the time. Yeah. So how's the president pointing that out? Just completely out of bounds. A weenie judge or a weenie? Journalists pointing it out is a little different from the president. You could make the argument he's bringing doubt upon our institutions. Get that. But for the president to say, look, it was a super left judge. It won't stand. That's true. I mean, it may stand. But if it's a super lefty, judge, what did we all just isn't just stating? What is clearly true? And everybody know, what did we what was that whole battle a couple of months or so ago over Cavanaugh that was all about their this many liberal judges this many conservative judges, we all just shut up. So we're to pretend that's not true. Yeah. I was about I sorta got Roberts must have been buzzed up. He must have had a few glasses of wine because that. He couldn't get on the phone to see Lindsey Graham Lindsey that was great that screed. You unleashed at the cavenaugh deal. Do me a favor. Would you could you say judges are hard hardworking people just try to get, you know, call it the way they see it or something. Why would he do that himself? That's that's crazy now it is true that that judges often turn out to be way different than the president. That appointed them thought they were going to be politically. Yeah. But well, not every Obama appointee rules in a way that favors left. These there are in Tim, the lawyers spoken on this Tim Sander for our friend has spoken on this with great, you know, persuasiveness and knowledge there are fundamentally different ways of seeing the law in the constitution based on your political bent. I mean, fundamentally different and most of America's law schools are way left right now. And so. It's not shocking that a the judge would unleash a ruling that he or she considered because they let girls judges now, Jack. They'll unleash a ruling that is perfectly consistent with the way. They see the world and constitution, and it is wildly different than a conservative judge. It just is. So I don't I have no idea. Why John Roberts shot off mouth? No idea. Maybe just doesn't think the president should say that. I'm sure he doesn't think that. But how did he think that was going to help anything? We're so above it. All I'm now going to tweet it the president about how not above it all is. Well, that's like Chuck Schumer's statement. Did you see that saying I hate a lot of judge Roberts rulings because they are wildly biased and political, but I agree with him. The judges should be above bias and politics. It was it was so wildly hypocritical. In the space of like twenty words. It may have set the record for that. I'm not sure keeps track of it. But it was one of the most astounding astoundingly unselfish aware statements. I've ever seen in my life, by the way, speaking of records and Marshall's about to come in here. I did have a foot race with my son. Oh at the park of the other day to see if I still in the fastest person in the family. Wow, Did beat him. Although I had to try. I'd say I was ninety five percent effort to win. Now. It is fair to point out that we then had a hanging from the monkey bars. Contest. Oh boy. And I took third place. Oh, boy behind both my sons, the muscles in your armpits must really deteriorated. That's what was screaming at me as we hung there or your girth captain pie. I wasn't even wasn't even close on who could hang from the bars along. It's not even close. I dropped in pain while they were both still hanging simple. Simon and gone to the ferry no pies left because Jack eight hall have you ever tried to do the monkey bars recently all the way across with your hands? No, you should give it a whirl. As as I asked a friend of mine this. He said my kids are grown. I try not to hang out at parks. Better.

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