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Since it became clear the deal would not be struck before. Iran's election that time with the us's original goal but significant sticking points remained like the scope of sanctions relief with the us allies arguing that they can only lift sanctions connected to the nuclear deal not penalties associated with human rights abuses conventional weapons violations or other issues. The story goes on. You can read it. But i think you know the thing that hints at is the stuff that we're talking about sanctions relief but also this reference to breakout time. So i think there's two issues at play now. I know you're quoted in the piece. Jeffrey so You may have heard some of this from the reporters but like just reading between the lines. When i read that story is i think there's two there's there's there's three into related things one. Is that in response to the american withdrawal. The iranians have been upping their own course of pressure one of which is that. Some of the supplements on on enriched uranium both in purity and the amount that they have stored. They have done away with right. And so that breakout. Time has gone down below a year. The other is that some of these more advanced centrifuges with the which the jcp oa had some restrictions on but one of which would sunset were starting to come up on that first sunset right so you could foresee or imagine a place where the us. Iran comeback into compliance right. Let's say in a couple of months close to twenty twenty two and then within a year the first sunset comes along right. And then iran drops again below that fictional or at least notional one year breakout time by virtue of its advancements in centrifuges and some of the terms of the jcp away so that political goal all of a sudden starts rear. Its head is that the. Jcp away isn't really blocking runs program. That's how i think about it. Yeah i i think that's what they're going through right now and i mean it's incredibly frustrating because the whole point of the..

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