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Eight years seven of which was with the minnesota vikings my uncle is gary matthews he goes by sergeant major league baseball play for a teams like the phillies cubs army coach for the cubs and his son gary matthews junior my cousin also had an extensive major league baseball career arm specifically with like anaheim angels and and other teams so so here's what's interesting because i know that you were a track and field athlete in college and and and i thought because again i'm not an olympian i thought cash with that has to be a tough transition ago from being attractive field athlete to on the bobsleigh team to making it two being an olympian to winning bronze in the 2014 winter olympics in sochi but you said the kind of common yeah like a lot of athletes transition into the sport about so you don't really grow up doing it like in the south side is no bobsleigh track so like a lot athletes in the sport come from track and field and other sports where you can have that power that speed and that explosiveness you need to push his leg you know so he and as you just mentioned there's not a bobsled track and he vowed yes networks in the rear who's now anderson red right hannah so i can only imagine tell me what it's like being in you're not the only african american not on this before and you know the only were on the team right not also would tell me i'm a one of the stand out what is what is it like two one participate in the winter olympics which is traditionally traditionally not the africanamerican sporty farewell and into being on the bob setting team i mean wind being able to participate in like the highest level of athletics them my sport is an honor by to represent as african american woman stands out some even more army this went from a predominantly white european sport too and so chief 5 out of the six women on the earth's five out of six women on the national on the olympic team were black and then three out of the six on the podium were black as though to star having that much diversity n n now you've had t nigeria you have jamaica representing a um a sled in women's sports in then all these other nations kind of embracing to diversity it's really big.

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