Ramsey, Terrell Thomas, Sheriff Christopher Fitzgerald discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


A deputy chief medical examiner testifying at the James Lee, Ramsey guy trail and Wednesday when Dr wise Lulla to Loma took the stand. She said that Terrell Thomas died of dehydration one week after Ramsey guy in two other Milwaukee county jail staffers shut off the water to his cell sink determined. But it was at the behest of another. And I. The mother of is homicide during cross examination Ramsey guys. Attorney got Dr Tacoma to say there were no medical records that show Thomas was showing signs of dehydration prior to his death such a stripes, and Dr uk-us membranes seen Mellberg WTMJ news. It was a call. So never forget Douglas county dispatcher Amy Paulin field of the nine one one call that alerted authorities that Jamie class had escaped from her captor. She says she stayed on the line for half an hour, helping those around Jamie, stay calm and safe until law enforcement arrived on multi think of a thirteen year old going through something like that. I just breaks my heart for the rest of my life. I'm going to think about that little girl, and where she is at my whole and says she normally works the night shift, the call came during her first day shift in fear five year career, Barron county sheriff Christopher FitzGerald says his deputies he has rather his deputies bags made criticism that they could have stopped Jimmy clauses abduction before it. Even started court documents say police responded to the clause. How's the morning that her parents were shut and? Killed it actually pass Jake Pedersen's vehicle on the road when they were responding to the shots fired. Call FitzGerald says it is not routine for police to stop vehicles when responding to house calls adding that his deputies were ensure at the time what they would encounter. Once they got to the home day twenty seven of the partial government shutdown, and it's now starting to have an effect on kids in schools ABC's. Elizabeth her impact even trickling down to students who rely on free or reduced fee meals at school one North Carolina school announcing lunch menus are being revised to conserve food and funding.

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