Corey Perry, Dallas, Tyler Sagan discussed on WAOK Saturday Night


And poked the puck to the slide where Corey Perry was there, and this is a big time saved. Vasilevskiy faceoff win by say, Get out to Hey, skin down the right side boards all the way around to handling You work today and Corey Perry skates up the boards backhands it in deep Sagan left corner in the left circle. He's checked, Thereby Cirelli drops it off. It's deflected away. And Tyler Johnson clears it out all the way down. It goes, It'll be an icing on the lightning. Good pressure by Dallas early in the second period. This line's been good. It's been the best line I think for for Dallas, Tyler Sagan at center. And you've got a TV rant on on one wing. And kind of a resurgence from Cory. Very right. Maybe scoring that goal last night, Sam. Sometimes, especially those veteran guys just needs something to get him over the hump again. And maybe You know, Corey Perry's got a little bit more of a spark from born last night. And then, of course, he has the only goal in this one. Belski with Ben and fragile Law for Dallas, pay self win from the Lightning moving up the boards, but it's kept in by like SEAQ around the boards. Pavelski behind that fragile puts into the crate. Same that Zaleski and then it's cleared out. Likes the act backboard for Dallas right side in his own zone. Wired up ahead by Klingberg goes all the way down wide behind the lightning dead. Select their place it on the forehand up the luck side lighting unable clear Now they get it out to center..

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