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So Jaanus in person on Saturday. In this rarely happens with MBA stars. It's like a final level. I'm not even positive happened with her. It might have. But I'm not positive yada says reached a point that when he's in your town. You have to go. He's half to you have to go. See the dude in person, and it is like the final level of MBA stardom where not only that you have to go to Milwaukee, you have to go to Milwaukee. God. When was the last time we said that I've just never seen a player like him. I've never seen a player of his skill set. He is an absolute one of a kind. I mean, he the weird thing about him is he's not even a finished product yet. I don't even think I think he might be two years away from being as good as he's ever going to be he doesn't he can't really shoot. It's that the ball almost looks like a golf on his hands and his fingers are just too big. And he's just figured out how to get layups and dunks and runners and little follow as offense rebounds and put backs in alley. Oops, and he can get to thirty points. Without really having a kind of a Goto shot. I've never seen anything like it. He's the first non center I've ever seen in my life. Who's a guaranteed thirty? But isn't really a score eight points tonight in the paint. Yeah. In any plays, really, really hard. That said that's one of the things I love about him. And I love about Zion. He's diving for balls, he's balls out the whole time. He never dogs it he's in phenomenal shape. He's doing trying to chase down box at every every fast break and the stuff that he does with with the steps with his ability to go from the three point line to the basket in two steps in the euro steps and his footwork. He's just incredible. And I can't say enough about what it's like to you can't put a price enough to go. See him in person. There's don. The only reason in Dallas now that five years later people could finally start to pretend to come to grips with the fact that Donnie Nelson was begging the mass to draft this guy, and they did they could click about Janas five six. You know, I did drafter that that wasn't a slam dunk by any means nobody they're allowed to there are a lot of possible red flags with that one. Thank you grainy film from three just. Just like how rough has background was in Greece. And just a thought of like just getting him into America and putting him here and putting him in the NBA like what kind of a light? Great. I actually Milwaukee is actually I love going there as a physical can't sit here and say that I would move there. But I don't mind dropping in even in the dead of winter. Visit there I love how much love Milwaukee. I really hope say I think it's a great story that he's fallen in love with with Milwaukee..

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