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You bring back these young players that can be two way players that can play defense for you at a high level. We've seen in the playoffs how important to have a young player can be. And then you build from there. And everybody else, if they want to come back, you know, the discussion you can have when it gets to Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard and some of these guys. Some of the veterans, Trevor ariza, Wayne Ellington, I mean, Ken bazemore, these guys aren't going to be back. And then you got to round out your browser from there. But I'm taking the young players that showed they can have some success with LeBron, your Austin Reeves, Stanley Johnson, when you Gabriel, those guys, and then bringing them back and then you roll from there. And off you go. Yeah? Mac mcclung. Here you come back. I want to see him at the Thomas and Mac mcclung center. Summer league in Las Vegas. I am ready for summer league, man. I'm going to be there. Let's do it. Let's do it. It's going to be a good time. I can't wait for July 7th through 17th. Let's go. Let's go. It is real fast. It is indeed. It is indeed. All right guys, well, you should wrap things up there. I appreciate all of you guys for joining us and everybody, of course, who's listening. Sean Mark Ryan, you guys each represent a different NFT NFL team best of luck to all of each of you in the NFL Draft tonight. Hopefully, each of your teams will do something beneficial for my fantasy team tonight. I'm going to say it right now, my chiefs are going to trade up and get jamison Williams baby. No, no. No. You're supposed to acknowledge the best team out of us, three minutes to chargers. And then you could have just ended it on that. See? You got to take The Crown from the kings to be caught the best, man. We've been running the AFC west for 5 years now. All right, you're downfall and starting. You hope you got the best track. I still got the best quarterback and best coach in the division, baby. Let's go. Hey, by the way, I'll throw this out there when we were at blue wire studios a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. We got to hang out for a bit with raiders tight end Darren Waller. Pretty cool dude. And he seemed pretty excited about the upcoming season. So Ryan, maybe you've maybe you've got something brewing there. Good, as long as you don't trade ass. I saw they're not going to trade him though. Yeah, yeah, it's the same thing. He even came out and said that the Raiders told them they're not moving them. But you know how that's going to work out. All right guys, well, thank you guys so much for joining me. Everybody out there listening. Thank you guys so much for coming on here. We will do this again next week. Make sure you do go subscribe to the Lakers nation YouTube channel. Don't forget to turn on those notifications as.

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