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Stopping point forty years from that's the fire right well if financial independence retire early retire early well yeah I mean you know we can put the fire in your restaurant that he sort of speak but yeah I think this is this is very very true we see this kind of trend with people right now that they're saying you know what you know retirement I maybe I want to semi retire maybe I want to continue to work but but but that the most important thing is is that I want to join my life I wanted would be able to create more free time I want to be able to have the the funds and the ability them the means to enjoy and do the things that I can do one while I can do them in other words by my health is good well you know my family's together and while I have the opportunity to really you know reach some of the goals and objectives and the dreams that I have and so how do you do that well you have to have the ingredients to a proper investment about school as you pointed out the rat I mean when you talk about an investment Stolar retirements to all we want certainly we want social security we want to have you know about three or four different sources of income coming in perhaps an IRA four oh one K. or four oh three B. or T. S. P. plan that I've had and then maybe the brand strategy might be another source of income or perhaps our investment income from like a you know rental properties and so forth and so on so you won't have multiple legs to that school and but you also want to make sure that you don't sacrifice your retirement school for a thought process that's probably not really within your objectives are your goals like paying off your mortgage does that even make sense at all because a mortgage actually and number five here on the list the right mortgage is all it not only the it doesn't provide that you the unique benefits of a mortgage with taxes and so forth any ability to stretch out payments and everything but it's also a hedge against inflation all right home mortgage with a fixed interest rate can be a hedge against inflation that's because the amount of the mortgage payment is the same every month but the value okay of the money that you're paying that mortgage off with falls over time due to inflation right you know because a problem and and also you may your income will increase and now your house name is the same and so really that does make a difference there you go and you know this is very very important one of the things about the restaurant edgy if that is that it also hedges against inflation internally in the restaurant you there's a thing called arbitrage okay so even as you're taking money out of the ranch strategy that money technically can still be working for you in other words you can be creating interest on money that you removed and are using for other things outside of you know of the counseling maybe taking that money you're using it for a child's education are you taking that money in your you know by doing improvements to your home or or or you know buying a new automobile whatever you're doing you can still continue to great arbitrage with the money this is explained in the book and in all of their the literature that we provide and it's so self evident when you see the illustration we want to get your copy of the book.

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