Continental Army, Quartermaster Mifflin, General Gates discussed on American Revolution Podcast


I am now convinced beyond a doubt that unless some great and capital change suddenly takes place. This army must inevitably be reduced to one or other of these three things starve, dissolve or disperse in order to obtain subsistence in the manner they can. Rest assured sir. This is not an exaggerated picture and that I have abundant reason to support what I say. The former continental quartermaster General Mifflin resigned in September. He had been responsible for obtaining food for the continental army. But Congress then appointed him to the board of war along with General Gates as I discussed last week. For several months the army had no quartermaster. No one wanted this thankless job. Over the winter the board of war under Horatio Gates and former quartermaster Mifflin convince Congress to put the responsibility under the board's control and take it away from the military. This was part of the larger effort to grant the board all Strategic Authority, and to let Gates Order Washington around. Rather than develop his own strategy Washington would simply implement gates. In the face of this threat Washington, Forrest General Nathaniel Greene to take the job as quartermaster general. Over Greenspan really strong objections. Quartermaster. Was A thankless job. There was never enough food nor money to buy food. Even if the quartermaster somehow did get the food, it was not going to result in praise or promotion the way winning a battle would but green had a good reputation in Congress. And his appointment helped Washington to defeat Gates's plan to take more control of the army. Washington also ordered that Pickett's guard the roads into Philadelphia. Any civilians trying to take food to sell to the British would have it confiscated and seized by the army. Lawrence suggested to Washington that he go beyond that and begin commandeering food from local farmers forcing them to take the worthless paper continental dollars in exchange Washington largely resisted this idea knowing that it would just turn the locals against the army. Of course, the continental army was not the only army looking for. Parisian's to get them through the winter. The same week that the continentals marched into valley forge general how deployed eight, thousand British and Hessian soldiers across a pontoon bridge erected across the.

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