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Is Mitchell I'm calling from a pay phone. I'm on my way to the hospital with a girl named Helen Slater says she's unveils fiance. I think I'll stick with her while she claims she didn't know about the accident. But I'd never forget base. Like, I'm sure she's one of those pictures, you showed me the crowd at the scene of the accident. Must be those ruined down the law a police guard at the door. What does the doctor just going inside come on? I still don't understand what you were doing in called house. Mr Mitchell, I'm a newspaper correspondent I was working for a story about about his accident. If it was an accident. Why would anyone try to kill a calm? I haven't decided idea. Maybe you me. No. I'm Steve Mitchell, perhaps Lieutenant Jennings mentioned my name to you. Yes. He did house Dale still unconscious. I think can I see him perhaps shortly a doctor way into the room moment ago. Maybe he wouldn't have word. I wish there was something. I could do I think of car line here unconscious for a day and a half and not even knowing about you. Like yours eager on the story. I am Mitchell. Thatcher, isn't it? Yeah. Jim dodger we met in office. I sure miss later. This is Jim Patrick another correspondent. Mr. Slater is say anything, you know. I'm going to see the patient must be worth. What do you mean? Well to require the presence of two doctors one of them is in the room within Dell now talking about I am the only doctor guilty. Hey, we better take a look inside. What is your doctor? You were talking about. He's not here. Wait look at Dell in the bed. Tussle. I wish to thank all of you for coming here to my office. I think I have all the information. I need that breath. I don't understand. That's the show. The police department will leave nothing on Don in our investigation. I think there's killing verifies what I was telling you earlier today, Lieutenant della was apparently involved in something pretty serious. I'm sure car wasn't doing anything wrong. You say he never mentioned anything. He might have been involved in. You know, nothing you Mitchell miss later, Mr. Thatcher. You may go now, but please leave your dishes with me in the events were wanted for questioning. Twelve twenty three Sophia boulevard. See Sophia boulevard. Thank sorry. I had to meet you under such unfortunate circumstances Slater is anything. I. Fatter. I'm afraid there isn't. Fellow catcher. I've written address and telephone number down for you too. Lieutenant. That's one favor. I'd like what is it? Well, garland, I were pretty close. How things I'd given him cigarette lighter painting a few things like that. I was wondering if I could have back as well remembrance. I am sure that gets buried used after the hour. Thank you very much. You'll get in touch with me if there are any new developments in the case. That's why. Been very kind. Later. Mitcham any chance we had of gaining information from Dell is now gone. I dating case. Yeah. Frustrating, but not surprising with something is vital and valuable as those radar plans steak. It's no-holds-barred let this recapitulate as to his king. You say you and miss later arrived at the hospital together. That's right as we approach them. Dells rome. I saw a man and a white robe wearing a surgical mask go in the door. While we were talking to the guard actor came down the hall. I introduced later, and and the real doctor showed up they went into the room and discovered the body obviously this man in the doctor's uniform killer June dare. That surgical mask could have been anybody. Apparently, he murdered from downtown to get information as to the whereabouts of the papers. I thought that at first to Tanaka then I remember that sundial was unconscious at the time. So it couldn't have very well been that. I think the killer already has the papers and realized that sundown knew he had them. So he had to shut his mouth for keeps. But you say when there was a few hours ago, you were not unconscious whoever did obviously had been looking for the papers in the apartment you interrupted his. Yeah, that's the point. I think we're up against two teams in this ball game to hear why not that already has the plans the other outfits trying to find them and we're right in the middle. Nice thought, isn't it? Hm? Sure right in your assumptions, if the plans are already in possession, of course, the insects, then that means we've got to move fast to prevent those plans from getting out of Athens. Whoever has them undoubtedly knows your mental be covering all exits. So they'll probably try to cook up some cute angle to get the plans out this current Mitchell. What do you make her Helen Slater just where she fits into this deal? But. I'm sure she fits in some place. She lied when she said she didn't know about Sunday's accident. ABC lied about a few other things too. When. Where does this leave us Mitchell? Well, pretty much in the dark right now. Right after I got slugged in Dell's plays Helen walked in. So I never did get a chance to take a look around or you wish to go back there again. Yeah. Maybe we could find something there that will give us a line on Sundays has been playing ball. But I I gotta send the report back to my boss in the United States. I'll be within a few minutes. Coming in on the helicopter. Joe.

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