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Had the chicken fajitas, and it was absolutely delicious. So they are at sixty third. Meridian at one twenty second and north PIN, go see my friends there, and you can get better. Anything you want to impact for the big game this afternoon. Just tell them to load you up they do catering, and they do carry out and you'll be able to just enjoy real food instead of only just chips. Are smoking hot deals. I've got to four you sort of in the same area. One of them is in the silver hawk edition. The silver hawk edition is about one seventy third one seventy eight on the west side of pin. That one is over three thousand square feet almost thirty one hundred square feet. It is priced at two hundred seventy thousand dollar sits on a corner right next to the path that leads to the elementary school. So if you've got several kids, and or if you only have one little precious kid, you want to see walk to and from school that would be a great location. It's four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. It's got a nice size two car garage, and it's two hundred seventy thousand dollars. So that's only eighty eight dollars square foot. Nice home has a nice big backyard too. Which is different for a corner house. Usually, the backyard's quite small this one is not. So it's it's sits on a quarter of an acre has an enormous Pergola style. Kind of a gazebo outdoor firepit type area. And it's big it's not like a little tiny thing. So that the whole family can sit out there and enjoy the evening. So that's a terrific. It's on golden hawk one seven four three three golden hawk lane bat, by the way, it's going to be open tomorrow between two and four go see Mary Kelly. She's my agent that's going to be there on it. Now, the other one is on the east side of peon almost in exactly the same ocassion. It's in the villas at copper creek. This is a gated area. It's only got about three streets Senate. They do the lawn for you. They mow the grass front and back yard the monthly HOA is just under one twenty five. So that's a terrific. Price for an HOA that does the mowing and is gated. This is just under seventeen hundred square feet. It does have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a nice two car garage. Got a little study area law office area, that's kind of open to the living room. So that you can expand into it. It's one sixty nine five hundred sixty nine thousand five hundred dollars. And that is the villas at Capri you'll need to call us to get in the gate there. Seven to two thirty to thirty two is how you contact. An agent in my office to help you get through that privacy gate because we're not just going to give you the gate code. We are going to escort you in even if you just want to drive by the outside of the house, we respect the gate because that's why they're there. So those are are smoking hot deals, and I think you're I think you're going to love them. I wanna give a preview we've got about a twenty two hundred square foot try level house, if you like steps and drama this house is gonna have it, and it is in the Mayfair hills area and one hundred eighty nine nine and that is going to go on the market on Monday or Tuesday of this next week. So that's a little bit of a coming soon bonus for you for tuning in today..

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