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Move in next week. $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bills moving forward. The Senate approved a budget pollution resolution early this morning. The vote sets it up so Democrats could pass the bill with no Republican support. The plan includes $1400 direct payments to Americans $400 a week jobless benefits through September and $350 billion. State and local governments. Johnson and Johnson is requesting the FDA grant emergency use authorization for its Corona virus. Vaccine. Experts believe the vaccine could be approved by the end of the month. And if it is approved, that would make it the third vaccine approved, along with the visor and modern a vaccine. Although it is less effective than the other two. They may have found an effective treatment for those who are in serious condition. Battling the virus in Israel Boxes, Gary Baumgarten reports Doctor City hello of hospital in Tel Aviv. Say 29 out of 30 virus. Patients in serious condition made a full recovery within five days after taking the drug announcement follows by days, one heralding similar results and another Israeli hospital have Dawson Medical Center. The doctors say the treatment, which is said to be inexpensive, is taken once a day. They say it took longer than five days for the 30th patient who also recovered. Gary Bomb Garden Fox News and Dot is being sued Madison McGill explains why Joey Koons is suing in Don for the crash that killed his wife, Alanna and their 18 month old daughters, Ruby in June. The crash happened in June 2019 on I 4 65 when a semi slammed into them. The lawsuit accused end out of violating policy and creating unnecessary danger by narrowing the construction zone, where it happened from four lanes to one. Lawsuit also accused to other companies of negligence for hiring Bruce Pollard, despite past crashes and complaints. Madison McGill 93 WBC Mobile news, two time Super Bowl champ and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will headline Pro football's 2021 Hall of Fame class. He learned this week that he'll be among tomorrow's induct tees. Former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson's also expected to get in. Sarah Thomas will be the first woman to ever officiate a Super Bowl. The NFL says Thomas will be The game's down, judge, she tells reporters this week. I'm truly honored and humbled to be a part of this year's Super Bowl crew Tampa Bay. We'll also have the first two female assistants to coach in a Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at 6 30. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on to go in on Wi be si dot com. It's a 35 with traffic on the fives, Paul Bone loss. For 65 on the North side if you're heading eastbound, a little sluggish between 8, 65 and Michigan after an earlier crash and the westbound lanes little sluggish between Meridian and ditch because of that, as well, this port sponsored by Andy Decorative concrete in the decade of concrete is.

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