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Regarding Armando bake off producers or punching ball right now as UNC alums are like, come on man, we know. I'm sorry. We survive up there. They survived. That's all that matters. They got to the NCAA title game. I think he's so much. He was comfortable guarding Caleb love in RJ Davis out there. He was comfortable guarding perimeter players all season. Offense, it's going to be a project. And frankly, like I don't know if a Damian Lillard led Portland trailblazers team is going to want that project to be honest. Like, I just don't know what their direction is. Like, are they trying to contend now? Are they trying to rebuild on the fly by bringing back Josh Hart bringing back nurkic? Putting someone like Jeremy sohan in the middle of those guys and then letting them rock. I worry a little bit about the an for any simons and Damien Lillard backcourt. I think that Jeremy sohan switchability would really and his help defensive instincts would really help cover for that a little bit, assuming they bring back and for niece simons. I am a big fan. Yeah, I really just love Jeremy sohan quite a bit. And I know that the shot is going to take time. I know the offensive side is going to take time. We'll just have to see how it goes. And they do have that spot there at the four where he can slide in. And if they keep the pieces as they are and they don't make any other moves, I mean, he played a Baylor where guys were getting up shots, right? Like he'll be okay with dame Lorenz and free simons taking 22 shots each a game because he'll still make his impact felt as a slasher as a cutter as a scrambled guy with a rebound and going to the basket, defense he'll be all the floor. So I get that especially from a fit perspective. I had a few ticks lower, but I get it, I.

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