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The hall of fame we would soggy earlier how of course in super bowl thirty nine the vis patriots in these eagles uh thirteen years ago played each other in super bowl in the patriots of course one eels and never won a super bowl now every player the eagles don't have any players from that game of course patriots have tom brady but most of the players from that game are multi retired not on these teams whatever but there were two players that played for the eib goals in that super bowl the starter for the eagles that last night went into the hall of fame a on interesting timing there are terrell owens goes in i think was what was his third time on the ballot i believe a camera or maybe second was a third i care murnau obviously he complained about it what atlas terrell owens deserved again and he did his whining about it but now he's in and on the defence of side of the ball brian dawkins was the starting free safety um for the eagles in that super bowl and brian dawkins goes into this to the pro football fame as well with his former teammate and of course randy moss 'nother great receiver with food some controversy surrounding am goes into the hall of fame as well that's an obvious no brainer he was as good as it gets he of course um he of course was on the patriots partied in be was on that team in game conceal that fact what's amazing is you know you talk about the patriots and in the town they've had the super bowl they've won randy moss is the best skill position player they've had you know were running back wide receiver tied and he's the best player they've had i put him even added i put a matic wrong and they never want with him where you know they've not had that caliber wide receiver when they have one um but anyway so those three guys go on all fame also going in the hall of fame two great defensive players ray lewis and brian earley lacquer um you know it's funny now seeing these guys now that i'm in my midforties now that you know most of the.

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