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Is what it sounded. Like, quite listen. You could see Steve's face is very irritated. Not happy. No, I actually doing. Remember? I looked at woman. I said mom, what are you doing here? Drummed down. This and this, and this I think will bring us to our topic at some point today when we get around to our topic, Steve actually ordered a cocktail which you and I have never seen him do almost twenty years. History. Now, you were saying this is exciting. I'm going to have a cocktail with to kill a rep rep asylum. Two fingers worth eighty two dollars a finger as AJ Benza so AJ's to drink with Dan, rather? And Dan rather used to say with Dan, rather? Yeah. I'll have a what's the whiskey is it. A wild Turkey say he got two fingers vertically not horizontally that means like a lotta whiskey. Yours was like one finger deepen it was eighty dollars. But Dan, rather would say that strongest two acres of garlic. But I've never seen Stephen would straight before. Oh you. I didn't. Religious non drinker. Total or just like us. But I've never seen you drink tequila. I think the reason the reason is recruits. You did. The reason I maybe I don't drink is because my father was in the liquor business, and my uncle was in the liquor business, and my grandfather bottles, and the it was around all the time. So. We had a liquor store and believe me, my husband enjoys a good side. My father used to say to me what a good drink with my friends and sneak off he'd say, no, I have the best stuff here. Why did you try it and took away the sense of revolution? Bolting because you were allowed to drink. And I and as a kid I realized if you didn't tell me what it was. And you put it on the spoon and say dry medicine, so good at all. Absolutely. And you know, with my son, I was always very European go ahead. No thirteen. It's a math quiz. It's very exhausted. Strict. And so I thought drink until he was like maybe seventeen I thought he was such a nerdy kid. And then he did tell me recently that he started a little before that. Well, he started understanding your headaches in the morning, but wait a minute window. People normally start to have alcohol is I don't like I believe he was served a cocktail at a family wedding by a cousin, and I still hold it against her. Which brings us to this. Former Yale classmate of bread Kavanagh responded to the judges testimony by disputing claims at the supreme court nominee made about his drinking habits, you probably know this guy's name by nephew following it. Chad leading ten that's you're gonna say Brett cavenaugh. Yeah. I know that name is he the one who owned the home college professor from North Carolina said in a statement that he often drank alcohol with cavenaugh and said that he was a heavy drinker. Loving to also described Kavanagh's often belligerent and aggressive cut one. If you lied about his past actions on national television and more especially while speaking under oath in front of the United States Senate. I believe those lies should have consequences is truth. It is at stake. And I believe that the ability to speak the truth. Even when it does not reflect well upon oneself is a paramount quality, we seek in our nation's most powerful judges I can unequivocally say that in denying the possibility that he ever blacked out from drinking and in downplaying the degree in frequency of drinking red has not told the truth. I felt my civic duty to tell of my experience while drinking with Brett offer this statement to the press. I will however take information to the FBI and on that note, I contact the FBI cutting me this morning. I contacted them. I received the form I filled it out the details. But I can't give those anybody right now. Right. So a side from leading to Kavanagh's former yell roommate Steven cantor wits also refuted, the different claim cavenaugh made last week that he was still a virgin in college. There's that Bardem people lie about those things all the time. But he brings that up in the FOX interview, which I thought was surprising virgin, and he did volunteer. The the incident. Now, there's another guy who was with him. At Yale was a star in the basketball team that Chris Dudley Dudley was in the bar in the incident where allegedly ice was thrown. And the guy with him Chris Dudley who until three weeks four weeks goes far more famous than cavenaugh through glass at the other guy. Chris Dudley says Cavanaugh was never that kind of guy. He wasn't a heavy. He wasn't a heavy drinker. He wasn't belligerent. Chris Dudley went on to play in the NBA for eight or nine years and was the worst foul shooter at history. So there are a lot of jokes saying if he throws the drink he missed. Brings us to another topic here. And this is where we're going. Go back to high school, go back to college. This whole thing about drinking and blacking out. In the eighties. Was it worst than any other time? When when as Dr drew said the hookup generation began drinking and having sex. They were not knowing who with it cetera. I missed all that excitement. I miss that too. I think I was too young. But I was not part of that. Well, but we're gonna throw this out to all of you your own high school experiences your own college experiences and how it relates those things relate to you today. So let's say today, your forty five or your fifty or fifty five and you had a lot of this stuff going on. How did it affect you? Now, how do you relate to the cavenaugh situation based on your own life? Be my generation. I never thought about that. All right. Let me give you phone just because we have a few cocktails last night. It's actually because producer Louis came up. Good..

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