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A moment of Washington's top news on Apple CarPlay or Android auto Good morning it's 5 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s now go back to Jack in the traffic center Well the good news in Maryland is the ramp reopened two 70 southbound local lanes to go east on montrose road There was an early morning crash the ramp had been closed the heavy duty record has been on scene everything reopened no worries or delays moving through Rockville coming out of Frederick two 70 looks good now all the way down to the lane divide No troubles between the beltways yet 95 or the VW park where you're looking good 50 out of the bay bridge we do have our wind warnings in effect but at least no vehicle restrictions Prince George's county stretch of the beltway no troubles college park headed down toward the Wilson bridge decent trip so far riding into the district off 50 and the BW Parkway south onto D.C. two 95 leaving the beltway oxen cove north on to I two 95 up toward the 11th street bridge without slow down Freeway is fine no troubles across third street tunnel New York avenues good start Eastbound eastern avenue in Minnesota avenue got a crash left lane there is getting by Utility work happening in northwest 38th streets closed between van Ness and VZ streets utility work is ongoing Maybe in the clearing stages unclear yet Now we'd had an issue unfortunately in the beltway in Virginia as you left Maryland there was a quick crash on the outer loop near Georgetown pike apparently all your traveling through up and this may have been moved to the shoulder maybe in clearing stages as well Gainesville east on 66 you're good all the way to Rosalind no delay yet out of falmouth running 95 north through woodbridge into Springfield north on to three 95 headed up toward the 14th street bridge again should find your lanes open A reckon mcclain is affecting Georgetown pike both ways between Spring Hill road and swings mill road you're gonna find yourself under police direction With the new monopoly scratch offs and fast play games from the Maryland lottery the money you could win is in pink or yellow it's green up to a $1 million You could also win second chance cash Real fun for real money Please play responsibly Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Mike's dinner's got the forecast for us There's a wind advisory in effect from 10 o'clock tonight until 10 a.m. Friday morning wins my gust up to 55 miles an hour during this time period For today cloudy breezy and mild we'll see a high in the low.

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