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So doctors who are not trained as a diction specialist often misinterpret, the reason for this as an executive disorder and they prescribed benzodiazepines, the combination makes the attic feel better, but then the Bengals have their own withdrawal, and we continue in the cycle of escalating, use doctors and doctors endorsed esscalation research supports this treatment, because it does modulate some pain in the insular cortex firing associated with, but not in the long-term again, short-term pain control. But the fact that opioids and benzoate concurrently have disastrous results often prescribed together, new sparingly, they can be affective for some paintings -iety, but unfortunately, this regimen often leads to escalate a dosing but. Issue with the combination is that they are deadly combination opiates suppressed respiration benzodiazepine, suppress restorations both affect the central nervous systems control apparatus for respiration, but together they are synergistic. In other words, they are much more powerful than either alone. It's hard to overdose on an opiate orally, hard to reduce on a benzodiazepine orally, easy to overdose on the two together. And of course, once basic bodily functions are compromised. The brain is deprived of oxygen the cardiovascular system shuts down and people are dying. It should be noted that taking these drugs together can be extremely dangerous. Even when taken as directed this is, again, the problem, they took it just the way the doctor told them to, and they still died the medical community is now being courage to avoid this combination in two thousand sixteen the United States food and Drug administration issued a black box warning nearly four hundred products to warn about the dangers of combining his. Medications the same year the centers for disease control prevention issued guidelines on opiates, which urge physicians avoid prescribing the potentially lethal combination. And yet, they continue to do it patients.

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