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You know. Look you don't need to broadcast it on social media you don't need to let the world know about especially these days because man everybody's gotta fuck in opinion on twitter and instagram and heaven forbid you say something. That little fuckers don't agree with meanest one thing friendly debate but man just c. n. How some people were essentially being verbally lynched online. Just for even saying that he was a b. Plus player real fans that lived through all of that. Not do they know to deal. And you just heard from one of them here tonight so take it for all. It's worth your left to your own devices. anthony appreciate the kind words. Amazing showy rock will no no you rock thank you. Thank you for representing checking out the show Of course do i believe demon linka was underutilized in the wwf. Of course hems down of course size for one Size for wine Lacking in the promos to you know they tried to do a little something with him but there was nothing there. But i mean really the size. That's what it was all about. It was that size. You know if d. malingco maybe would have been coming up During the truck forties fifties sixties even right at about the seventy s during the peak of the territorial times. He might have been all right he probably would have been all right if we could have taken that de milenko from wcw and essentially have him running around today had had him running around with the crm. Punks with the dangle. Brian's hey i i hear now i hate to speculate but you just would like to believe he would have had a strong chance of non in. Wwe definitely would ring of honor with a new japan with m. l. w. would impact. He he probably would have thrived better than in wwe. So yeah. yeah for sure for sure for all right so we've been going at it now for about. Let me look here. We didn't go on now for about two hours. I'm seeing to our sixteen minutes. But i think there was about six minutes of false start. Tom's about a two hour ten minutes show pretty much. And i gotta put ads in the show steel. So we're going to go on ahead called his show. Do wind done your next addition is going to be dropping wednesday now heads up. I will actually be live. This tuesday night. the plan. Because i know normally you guys get your wwl hookup. i'll be live with you guys but it's gonna be late. I'm actually getting off work at seven and so by the time i'm watching way. I come on live. Iss should be actually goof yet. i think it's gonna be maybe eight or nine o'clock by the time we come on so what i don't know right now is if i'll come on live during annexed or if i'll come on live after annex t goes off the air. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with that. But there is going to be a tuesday night..

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