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With Pierre McGuire between the benches for the game. Of course, she almost one speed competition and the all star game. She's a gold medal a great hockey player h twenty six and she's definitely made her dues knows understands the game. And NBC I think did a great job to give her the opportunity to share. That real estate with Pierre McGuire. And before the game started this the exchange that caused a lot of controversy in angst. Among a lot of sports fans specifically hockey fans before the game between the lightning and the penguins. Soil. Tampa is going to be on your lap going to be on your right? What do you expect out of this game? Pay me at bien analyst not to be a fan tonight. All for heaven had a game on the other hand had a tough loss on Monday. Got a little bit of the water by do jersey. Devils so exciting to see the start tonight Trouble blouse. blouse back to all right here. We go. I know Pierre McGuire fairly, well, I wouldn't say we're friends, but we've definitely crossed paths beginning with the Stanley Cup final that I covered in two thousand six between the hurricanes and the Edmonton Oilers. So we traveled a little bit got to know each other. I worked at NHL live. He used to do weekly with us. So I I certainly know appear McGuire. And I know he's a good guy. And I also know that he's an arrogant guy. I mean, this is someone that does have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. And I think he'd be the first to tell you that he looks at that real estate between the benches as his turf, and I think he does kind of perform and announce with bit of a chip on his shoulder. Maybe it comes from the fact he didn't play in the NHL and sometimes that's a little bit of a discomfort among other analysts who all played the game. He did coach, of course with Hartford and with Pittsburgh. And I think he belongs there. There's no question about it. But I wonder if there may be a little bit of sensitivity to the fact that he feels like he has to be a little bit more over. The top because he did not play the game the way a lot of other guys in that situation, especially on the national platform have. But that's just the way he is. And he's very protective of space. And I think sometimes that may come across as him being sexist or him being a little bit in the wrong in this particular situation. I don't think he meant anything negative. I don't think he was looking down at Kendal at all. I just think he misspoke, and where I believe he misspoke the most of it because I'm not even going to get into you know, Tampa will be here. Pittsburgh would be there because they weren't at the respective benches. And I'm sure he knows that she knows the difference between Tampa Bay Lightning in Pittsburgh penguin. I think he was just trying to be a little bit understanding of that. This is the first time that she was doing this. Maybe he was a little condescending at the fact that he is a pro at this, and she has never done it before. So maybe he was a little over the top when that came to fruition. But we're I think he misspoke was when he said now, you're. You're being paid as an analyst. Now, you're not a fan. We'll fans never on the table..

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