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Around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Good evening. I'm Joe Michael's a Sacramento City councilman is calling for state and local leaders to partner with community based organizations to help fight vaccine E vaccine misinformation. Councilman Eric Garrow says covered 19 vaccines are safe, and those who are most vulnerable should get one as soon as possible. We've done a good job of messaging that But now the demand is exceedingly higher than expected. Religious worshippers may have more freedom and protections under a new legislative effort, introduced today at the California state capital. Senator Brian Jones says his bill would require the governor and local governments to designate religious services as essential just like grocery stores. It prohibits state and local governments from discriminating against the religious organization during emergency that requires state and local governments to permit religious services to continue operating during an emergency. The so called religion is essential Act would allow churches, temples and mosques to operate at the same capacity as other essential services. The San Francisco Giants are extending their partnership with the Sacramento River Cats for another decade. Gay FB CASE John Byrne Iz tells us the Triple A club couldn't be happier. The San Francisco Giants are extending their minor league affiliation with the river cats for another decade. Club GM Chip Maxon says it means some of the best young talent in the game will continue to fine tune their craft in Sacramento before moving up something which can be bittersweet. You get attached. You get to know these these guys their families, and you hear their stories. So many of them give up of their time and energy. You know, here in Sacramento in our community, Maxine says there's still uncertainty this year amid the pandemic, but he is optimistic. We hope to see a schedule here and in the next week or two, and then as we get closer to this season, we look forward to working with our local health officials to see Just how we can have a river cat season this year. The affiliate deal, announced Friday comes after a major reorganization of the minor leagues during the off season. John Byrne is e news. 93.1 KFBK Our Next update in 30 minutes. I'm Joe Michael's news 93.1 kfbk. Sacramental traffic checking KFBK traffic. This report is sponsored by Ashley Home Store South Bound five Still slow as you try to get into downtown Sacramento. It's 26 minutes from woodland to downtown and then eastbound 80 and 50 trying to get there from Davis..

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