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Some wasn't doing trouble black people but The the the woman with the top selling book of the fucking year word. Yeah out so everybody. I mean detours that that woman. Okay okay woman is literally more populated Goddamn husband was actually president that woman okay Not One of the most one hundred powerful women in in America in the world even okay okay world so okay woman. Everybody has copies of her book. GotTa I about four or five copies I gotTa digital version woman. You did audible books. Like gangbusters Oh okay Yeah so she did make it now. I don't know who you will take off of the list. You know but the thing that's interesting for me is Michelle Obama's interesting because I don't know exactly what what people want to do her because it's sometimes it feels like they hate her and they want her to like you know like they light right. They don't like her. You know what I'm saying because her politics aren't one hundred percent off point with theirs and of course as she's an Obama so anytime you can find a fifteen seconds authorities say clip to be like this is a real beliefs. People do that you know but she seems like an interesting case study because says I remember when I brought it up on the Ellen had a picture with George W Bush and She said a guy at a football game in Washington last year with him and people was like how dare you you know. Gay People couldn't get married partly due to him and he you are sitting in a booth watching the football football game with this guy and call him your friend and all this shit and I personally time that I still feel the same way. I didn't have the problem with that. If that's if that's what the fuck. She want to do what she wanted to like. I'm not saying you can't have problem with not saying no one. Obviously other people have a problem with both for me. I was like I don't like people's personal fucking dogma of forgiveness or tolerance shit is some shit Legis is not is not for me to fuck inside. This people are so entitled now. They haven't thought about what they're really saying is everyone's actions should be the approved by me and if they're not gonna be I'm GonNa come down on you on the internet or some shit in. This is a weird way to behave when I noted these people. Don't get down like that. You know if if Dave Chapelle comes to town and all that transphobic sheet. They're doing they've that he's been you're saying and he's taking your ass giving days repelled getting the salary and you don't want nobody walking around being like Oh so you really don't believe believe this stuff that you miss you'll be like well I just you know. I thought it was an opportunity taking stuff away. They didn't think of it as on the hit every opinion. He's at every joke may well. That's what it means. Now you were GonNa Pick Your Day you believe your share everything you know We have to ostracize people from society. Heidi even if they're you know if if they're not going to prison or anything like that right that's how people treat it but I thought it was interesting with Ellen because I was like like so what about Michelle right because people are complex everybody. Everybody is very complex. And everybody's hypocritic vary in different things but in your personal no life. You could be hypocritical across the board on things feel certain ways about certain things and not as hard all certain people based on whatever reasoning that you might have because that's part of being human and I think that because I don't function in black and white Oughta Other Times I think a lot of people go to extreme. Oh Shit what ages feel like we're fighting and I'm like okay. I understand the reasoning behind. You saying that but everything can't be for against there has to be some new ones in psalm where it has to be the also think. I'm wary of this shit because I feel like people's anger is being used against them now and I think people are. They need to stop in examined examined themselves. Take a second to think thinking all the way through because our anger is being manipulated for the viral effect of it. Any attention that gets and a lot of people are very easy to manipulate. I've watched the sources that I intake now because because some of these mother fuckers literally are using your anger to go viral and get clicks for themselves and Yep got shares re tweets that got hit the cash up in the bio whatever because they're just constantly creating a feed and it's an anger is intoxicating anger power angers illusion of power for a lot of people. And they they. They think they stay angry at these people are Never GonNa meet or see and expressive out to their platforms or whatever and that somehow it's going to feed them but it's really feeding the anger and I don't think it's necessarily healthy. It doesn't mean you should never be angry. Doesn't mean things don't make people angry a great but just the general push push of anger towards all. These people is is weird to me like So I thought it was weird where Ellen and seeing everybody dunk on Ellen. I thought I was like this. Really kind of kind of weird because it used to be understood that people were going to have have like especially someone else position who's a fucking talk show host. WHOSE ENTIRE JOB is? I'm really everybody. Everybody so is weird. Today's place because your twitter feed is I've decided only follow. The people agree with me. I my you know my social media life. I'm only surrounded by people but I have all the same opinions as me or fucking cool but real life isn't like that for most people know it is not. It's not like that for most people that even act that way online like the real life you go to job you gotta deal with this type of shit you got. You know you go to your local. Ymca your local gym is. Somebody wouldn't make-america-great-again something in there. That did you gotTA fucking walk over there and smacked ahead. I'll stay treadmill while they run and no don't I was pulling in the parking spot today in the car that I pulled into a parking spot in the Carter was pulling out. There gave me this car. I'm looking at the back of his bumper sticker like Dan Lewis for me. What is that it was a blue lives matter flag on it you know and they drove off and I went and parked or whatever you know? It's just this is life and maybe it's because we're down south I don't know but it's just like oh you not get you so the idea that everyone got to stop being friends or stop associated with folks because because you decided that that's the right thing to do is kind of weird to me because we both know us why we know is impossible. That's not gonNA happen. Everyone's not gonNA agree. We disagree or whatever the people that tell you. Go to Thanksgiving and fall out which uncle because it'll make it'll make some random stranger on the internet happier and it really want because then they're gonna say what you want cookies so fucked them too but you know it's this idea that like we were so pristine online and so how dare you know Ellen. Sit next to this crack a smile and I said okay. Cool if that's how you feel so then waters Michelle. Why does Michelle sneaking candy? Not Trip trip. Save they've center right and so the at that time the excuse was was she. This is her job you know. She's a lay first lady and a sit them next to each other at different events. So that's our job and I said no because I remember the inauguration women had to get him off I good at that Keiko that President President or whatever and she looked like the face. It everything that black America was thinking at the time. And that's the same shell that you know Gave gave George W Bush candy gets hugged up with him and they share jokes and smiles and laughs together. That's the same person as it's though it's just interesting how we WANNA alicarte. These people take like even outrageous not making the list. Some of that is by the same. People would ask outraged outraged. She you know George Bush Frank. 'cause I think she went on the Ellen show or some talk show She is she said exactly what you say not I do. Consider him a friend Iran.

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