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Where you just real where you can look at their page any like now they need this yet know exactly what you're talking about well we're ply once or twice and then obviously i don't wanna i don't wanna keep going yeah and you can tell a lot to them and you're like i'm happy that it meant a lot to you but like i can't i'm i'm not not i'm not we can't keep doing this go on the kidney put a little milk out it's scene where he puts milk out yeah and everyone comes to the door and it's probably my favorite scene pootie tang where women come and drink milk from in front of pootie store it's a great fucking thing no yeah but three mice came out and it was people were nice about it so like it's fucking net flicks so many people so a lot of lot of people have flex and it's fucking kula shit they've taken over the comedy world feels not yet it's not even close i don't think anyone can even compete it over so much that the deaf damn union was on netflix hbo franchise went to net flicks it'd be like the new york knicks doing a tribute to michael jordan faith by the way i there's a i've got to give shout out to instagram account called jump man history where they just have old footage of michael jordan and it's all fucking amazing i'm gonna love that one it's so great it's so great they yesterday they showed his second game in the nba and it's like he was balling the same it's like he's it's almost like if you said like it was his all time highlights it was one game the second game in the nba and if it was like if that had been his only game it would have been like a montage from anyone else's whole career but this was just one game michael jordan could've basketball i always say that he said michael jordan is good at good basketball.

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