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And created a community while Duan Morgan stepping up make time again for this Indiana team in a game where Indiana has struggled for the entire ballgame. John is starting to take it upon himself offensively now has seventeen points on eight to fourteen shootings. He's got six rebounds thing I've been so impressed with his just his sheer toughness inside the only guy that's willing to consistently battle each and every possession for offense and defensive rebounds. And when he gets the ball underneath the basket he is strong enough and coming up to finish through contact. Nice play last time John was going to take more than just one more going to get back into this ball game loose balls. Got to step up and make a big time Shah this is a game with under seven and a half minutes left. Still a double digit deficit here for the hoosiers. It's gonna take a lot for the end of the climb back into this ball game. Nebraska's played a heck of a ballgame. Great defense game plan for the Cornhuskers really made Indiana uncomfortable offensively all game on my playing dribble. Penetration in Indiana has not been able to get into the lane. Normally do. Well. It'd be an inability to shoot from outside is definitely a factor. There's no doubt about that. And being able to storage side is a real plus. But if you can't get it inside your teams will start playing that. So you've got to be willing to step up and take a three in a rhythm three. Not a forced three but rhythm three in Indiana. I think tonight is passed up some opportunities arthroscopy timeline watching basketball to the left to Thomas Allen throws it out to Robie top of the key. He brings it back left to Palmer. Taller holds on the wing against Roby. Oh that back back out again bomber slides to the lab. Double team throws at the top of the lane. Not to watch. It Watson slides it back. It's batted away into the back or pick up by Watson. He brings it back across the timeline. Three shot clock. Watch lost the ball picked up by Romeo. And then Watson steals. It drives any cut off by July. Wow. Watson was laying on the floor and stole the basketball amazing play. Now, here's Watson the right back left. The copeland. He goes left side. The Palmer bomber holes and drives throws it inside into the hands on a bad past with Copeland into the hands of sack Roberts. Indiana's gotta devante with her three with the basketball slides of right throws. It started left. Then destroys it right to Romeo. Langford out of the top spins the lane forces. What hop lost the handle? Got it back. Throws it out the Justin Smith while the fly out of bounds. And it'll belong with twelve on the shot clock missed opportunity there for Indiana the missed shot. Indiana gets the ball pushed the ball and try to get something early. Instead hoosiers jog the ball up allow Nebraska get back and set up there half court defense. Robertson, bats the Langford. Ten on the shot clock Romeo starts to the right comes back to the top drives. It out throws. It to devante for a long three. It's off the market bangs off the rabbit comes outside the Watson. He's got the Pulver bomber takes against sack Robertson laser there. James flowers got his. And Indiana's down thirteen five fifty five to go. Here's the rain green with the ball against the double team. Throws it outside the Langford. He looks inside back. He fakes the three dumps it back a Romeo Lankford pulls up for a sixteen footer. And he bangs us what it. Not style parochial Alankar. But NBA and has got a lot more of that to do if they're going to get back in this game. Gotta do it. Quick five and a half minutes to go. The hoosiers down eleven Palmer with the basketball. They gotta get some stops. At the other end to their defense is not a good job here in the second half. Here's Copeland down into Roby Roby against your wind cries to force it up that's up and down a jump ball. Possession goes into. Yeah. Nice job by Jon Morgan Roby with the first head fake did not fall for kept his feet planted slid as Robey made his next move because he will get a hand on that ball. But what do you expect me? And that's what you doin all season long this great interior defense, me and smart and getting at the flex for Indiana. Good job. I do on mortgage. Here's finished with a basketball takes it left side. Langford Lankford on the wing dumps it John on a given goal as up Mr. rebound comes off the Robie now off to Glenn Watson. Just couldn't get that. One. Off the backboard enough and just kind of get the top of the back of the room and just rolled off. Here's Watson outer drive, right? He pulls up throws up a three Grimm's at no good. I got the rebound breaks evaporate. Indiana Lankford to the right side, drives the baseline spins and lost the handle. But a foul is called. And this will be on the floor. It'll be. From that will be his fourth. I can't believe they call that one on the floor. Coach Miller can't either. Going up for that shot. He's only a couple of feet from the basket. I'm surprised that wasn't shooting foul there. And that's big because that's only the fifteen foul for Nebraska Sweeney is going to have to take the ball out of bounds on me. Rob fantasy will trigger an. Venison gets it ended you want. He bounces it out the Romeo Langford got it. Against Palmer, drives down inside slows it up fouled again. Thanks Paul for his father ballgame. At least Indiana's getting some bowels called against Nebraska. That's their seven teams ours at sixteen Bala gusts, but Romeo will go to live or to here. He's got fifteen points. So Lankford steps to the stripe. Indiana's a team eight of thirteen at the line tonight. And Fritz free throw on its way short. Rare miss tonight for Langford. He did not miss it. All in the ball game against Maryland. And he's missed just that one in five tries from let's see once you three four five that's six Friday night. So he's five out of six and this one flying in the air as sixteen points now for land lead now down to ten again. Indiana had briefly inside what they get it down to six maybe five even in second half here to cut it down to three at one point three. You're right. Thirty five thirty two. Ten right down. Indiana's got some real work to here is Thomas. Allen oxide passed Watson. Right. Sided comes into the hands of Palmer Palmer pulls up bounces to Barkat this shot mess for rob and finished. He came in and really nice job there because burkhart was going to have an easy layer. And the bus got some nice stuff. It's a nice looks off that pick and roll defence has got to be tighter as a guard got a pressure the ball a little bit more make that ball handler uncomfortable to make that pass brass. The back court has done a nice job hitting that guy. Really nice possession by coach miles. The free throw line with two shots. The first of which is no. He has five of ten on the season. Now has it taken a lot? But he's only fifty percent. Here comes Zachary Robertson the ballgame. Green is back in. Good. Marcotte's got seven leads back to eleven sixty forty nine four fifteen ago, Indiana has for Matic work to do here. Here's to Justin Smith looks inside rebels without out one dribble bosses in Joon Joon battles. Inside the devante down low and he got a call him for traveling. He got bumped off balance. And he walked devante has gotta understand catch the ball in the short corner there. You're trying to look to kick the ball back out. That's not something that you want forest. Amongst those big guys in their way under size to try to finish over six foot. Ten Nebraska defender Glen Wasser brings it across the timeline Watson with the ball on the perimeter. Right. Throws it outside. The Palmer Palmer does left. Allen back. More car top. He hands it off to Glen Watson Watson now holds. Takes to the right side. Cut off by Justin Smith throws it back left a Robie Isaiah Roby against Justin Smith down low. Throws it up and got him and Isaiah Roby with a nice quick and Roby has picked up his first points of the second half is my point of the ball game. Now, it's thirteen again, sixty to forty nine. There's a drive by Romeo puts it draws another foul and this'll be on Robie. I think this time and that will be his fourth. Got four now four. Time what three twenty three ago? The hoosiers are down thirteen sixty to.

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