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That in for a while I don't I've I have not got an update so I'm just going to keep putting it in the rundown for the show until I get an update on the. Let's well I think what happened. was they sold out the initial allotment of seats very quickly. So they open up the balcony area and so now they're still selling tickets. Go out of the balcony will. If you're going to subscribe in with us in San Francisco the Viceroy Hotel Group. You will not be sorry hotels. zillow's hotels Zeppelin Hotels Zada. They're all part of the Viceroy. Hotel groomed their alt-right and of course February thirteenth at the Roxy in La that is sold out turning the page to Tanya's vision board. Tanya made I three division board this year Chinese is a lot a lot more going on just in terms of volume. There's a lot more crammed onto this. It's a small vision bar to like. The actual like board itself was a smaller one than it usually is all right so let me you have two different. Red starbursts Taped glued our. They affixed everything on. Here's taped chase down here to read starbursts now. Isn't the goal. Define your red starburst. Yeah so why two of them To make it a point this really hone in on. Yeah House actually under three you have level up in big vertical letters I like to have it prominent prominent on the Bar All right You have a New York Times bestseller by Tanya Rod and what you've done is you've made it look like your book is in a stack of other books. Looks Right. There's a Joni Mitchell and Elton John Prince Eliza Fair and then it's New York Times Bestseller Tanya rat and then there's taking Quentin Smith so you're going to write a New York Times bestseller in twenty twenty twenty. That's right or we've talked about sometimes in future years you're like oh my gosh. That was on my vision from three years ago. No I'm going to fight it or you are right right at this year and it may not make the list this year right right a bestselling book this year. Don't get published till next year. I'm assuming this is non-fiction this is td interesting.

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