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Hunter at the basketball coach at her school golden valley high school to keep hunter is tall six foot plus bald white and in his early fifties he has run the varsity boys basketball team for over twenty years and he's sort of a hero at the school so any and Keith there at the bar and then she says he ends up saying to her that she looks really hot and then he says I think about you and your legs and your backside but he doesn't use that word she says he covered his hands right over her breasts and that he said something to the effect of all this in a brain too who wouldn't want to DO wow so this is in public yes and then he slaps her backside that's what she alleged to me when we spoke that night so that's pretty shocking what happens with Anne right after the sexual harassment occurred she's upset she tells her husband right away the next week keep hunter acts like everything's normal at school she eventually apologizes to her but this is only after her husband who's also a coach confronts him and any feels like it's that kind of half apology any still feels really uncomfortable about what happened really upset and she's torn she's not sure she wants to report the incident to the school she told me she had never heard of anyone in Merced filing a sexual harassment complaint and why is something that she considered professional suicide and on the other side she's one size teacher and she wants to be a model to our students so for the next seven months any doesn't take action an October comes Harvey Weinstein stories break and me to goes global number of sexual assault and harassment survivors are sharing their stories online and untold number of women posted need to and revealed their deeply intimate experiences of abuse the stories of all these actresses and other women were powerful but any they seem to exist in a world away from our side and and that Hollywood world even though it was only five hours away driving is so much richer whiter or more progress and that the events did and feel related to her life normally Anne and is always on the move she's running at six Sam or maybe even five ma'am she's moving moving all the time but during this period she is.

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