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Black kids were swimming to burn their skin them never to show up at these places again and that happened all over this country for years the history of the sierra club even is is is messy when you go back to its roots and people if you have that in your history right if you have that cultural in your history and your family you're in it's passed down. You don't go to these places or these spaces. Bad shit might happen to you. Of course you're going to learn to become learn to think that. Yeah maybe that's not for me or that is quote unquote in white activity. Or why would you be doing that white thing etc. That's one of the beautiful things about racism. Is it a few as a system if you teach long enough. And if it operates long enough the people who are subjected to it actually start to believe it. And that's what i would like to vessel some that. I wanna be a part of breaking. And i also implore people who have power in those spaces to understand that like yeah i as a black man who's visible in these spaces can can say things and get people's attention but it's people it's the people with real power the people who have real access. They can do ten billion times more than i can buy affecting their circles in having these conversations and figuring out ways to expand landscape and provide more access just with the things that they have in their toolbox. They don't have to go and join some special thing or formulated. Some big club organization. It's just like okay. What do i have access to that. I can help to change this even a little bit. Do you see any change at all. In the wake of the george floyd murder or any other trigger that the power players in the outdoor industry which i assume are like the patagonia 's north face and the all the ski company's right like i assume at a business level those companies would obviously play a huge role in this. Who do things doing a good job. He's doing a good job better job now or any job i think. Pentagon patagonia has taken some great steps. I've seen the way they have given platforms so there are lots one thing i can say is is. There are a lot of people of color. Indigenous people black people that have formulated groups to advocate for themselves. And do outreach. And what is cool. That i'm seeing are the brands who are locating the people that are doing it right and giving them a chance to have their voices amplified and to use their platforms to engage. More had been doing a great job with it. They have this podcast. They're doing called the trail ahead with an outdoor trail runner from from portland and A black woman and it's just so cool. The conversations that are being had and that these conversations are being amplified on the planet patagonia platform for people who normally wouldn't get to listen in and learn how various types of people engage in these spaces. I think the denigrate job. I mean i full disclosure. I sit on the board now burton snowboards. They invited me onto the board in november prior to that had never been a black person person of color. Who sat on that board. Would i have gotten that. Call up if it wasn't. George floyd i don't think so and i'm honored and humbled that never use thought would happen especially in the wake of jake burton's passing so i am so grateful to be able to get to to see their enthusiasm in wanting to build anti-racism and build inclusion more importantly into the culture of the brand in being an inclusive brand and that takes time to lab to build that into the dna of your brand. But they are looking to do. So i'm the scandalous Of america say they just they put a person of color on on their board recently. And i think people are learning like okay. The only way that we're going to be able to learn about these things is if we actually have the perspectives invoices of from within the bypass community. Helping us actually make decisions acting in a way that holds a mirror to us to show us like if you don't know you're blind spots putting the same people in the room that all have the same blind blind spots and saying like okay. Let's all this problem. Let's have a diversity initiative great. I've seen people posting like videos of like. Here's the diversity initiative and i'm looking around the pictures of mike. Is this like onion post. 'cause there's this you know so it's it's welcoming in those voices being okay with giving up a little bit of that power but as i tell people or brands that i consult like stop thinking about it from a place of giving up power and start thinking of it from a place of sharing power tree. An intern by sharing power. Creating more power. Giving yourself more fuel the opportunity to be a better brand in and in the end the more profitable brand. Because i tell people all the time You might want to look at the numbers of the demographics of this country and Where we're going to be in five ten fifteen years. You could continue to put your head in the sand and pretend like it's not a thing but Es numbers do not lie and these landscapes are going to need to be expanded for you to continue to function as a brand for your thing to be. Viable was just going to leave without you. Like i say we have lots of friends. We've met once. I haven't fallen you for a minute. You become the voice of my young you know shredding angsty teenage ripper self. You are a musician. You producer you host. You're going to act act as a stretch. I i make cameos from time to time. Count instead car county and it's feels like you really have just come into your power. I mean really feels like you're organized. What are you besides stoked and we will have all the links to that. Because if you're listening to this and wanna change support this organization. What are you fired up about right now. Sort of in the in the near future. That's feeding yourself because you are really sort of have that problem you can do so many things so well thank you for recognising the problem part of it because my management and agent would be like thank you see. We're not the only ones hawaii back in focus. Choose choose choose. Choose choose so we can get the bags. I'm excited. there's a. there's a brand that. I am a partner in called mami wata. It is a clothing brand out of south africa. A surf wear brand. Everything is made on the continent and it is sort of reimagining. The lens of how we we share what surfing looks and feels like from the perspective of the largest surfable continent on the planet and what surfing looks like across africa and now basically a lifestyle brand from an african spin and we just launched a book called afro surf that really tells the story of indigenous black culture.

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