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That was not the finest hour of the ACP, nor was it, the finest hour of Ralph bunch of Walter white to put it mildly. But as you know, in this book, I'm not only dealing with Africa. I'm dealing with the whole sub-region, I'm dealing with the Muslim be in Zimbabwe and Swaziland soup to the Lowery and, and Golda and Namibia, and even as far north as the Congo Brazzaville in Congo can Shasha Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And once again, it was not the finest hour for certain elements in black America when, in the nineteen seventies when the Cuban troops intervened in Angola to beat back, a South African invasion in parts, eight invasion that bid fair to four and Golan independence. Interestingly enough, you might recall that, at that particular moment, China under the leadership of melts there. Deng had a bone to pick, shall we say with Moscow since Moscow was backing the Cubans the Chinese communist party felt that it should be against the Cubans and therefore in bed with the Park Lane, South Africa. And with Washington US imperialism, and you had a number of black nationalist at that particular moment, or pro China and I'm afraid to say that they stood against the Cuban intervention in southern Africa at this very dangerous and Pearl moment in the history of the African fight back against colonialism. They formed themselves on the wrong side of history, which was even more erotic when you consider that a significant percentage of people of African descent, and north of miracle Arvin golden discern. That's one of the many reasons why the leading prison and Zana's called and Golden State prison, by the way, and any case that particular moment was not the finest hour, or some of our shall we? Say like national sprint in thinking about it and also thinking about the fact that just last year I published this book facing the rising sun African Americans Japan and the rise of afro Asian solidarity, I think to be charitable. Perhaps they thought that the rise of Maoist, China in the nineteen seventies with somehow a replay of the rods of Tokyo and the nineteen thirties the nineteen forties that's being overly charitable because there's no evidence in the records, these people even knew about the relationship between black nozzle Japan. I'm nineteen thirties and nineteen forties. But that's once charitable explanation of what has to be one of the most boneheaded and disastrous political positions of any black Americans in the history of our sojourn in the wilderness of North America. It must be said here, of course, that the African liberation support committee, and others in black America stood by. By the N, P, L, A, N, N Gola and the freedom fighters in Guinea-Bissau in Mozambique, and, of course, in South Africa. Well, that's true. But as no. AOL SC, the African liberation support them, and ultimately did split up precisely on this question..

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