Louis Farrakhan, Charlene Muhammad, America discussed on The Movement with Dr. F Keith Slaughter


In the past you know over thirty years off and on and my mom has never been a member of the church that I passed ma'am hi five on the of the receipt so but the main thing the final call the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan is making the case for separation the case was operation written by Charlene Muhammad it's a discussion of the best in only solution to the race problem in America according to Charlie Muhammad as well as there are moments to Louis Farrakhan tell me what you think do you think separation for black people is the bath approach to the race problem in America we come back on will celebrate wiggle chop it up and talk about and of course we will talk about the tension in Iran but we kind of old lady in the gap if you feel this is the movement is blacked out the hard way and I will be black when I get back on the outside of regular radio Monday in the small they they live in Dr Christopher I love intelligent black talk radio that's why I listen to the movement with my brother Dr F. T. slaughter will.

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