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Have you had it within yourself to be able to give it to assess score you know your own players well you know my first year i think in the mets an eighty four was probably my best share because we outscored got outscored by eighteen runs and we were eighteen games over five hundred you figure that out and i had some hose on the ball club some holes in the bullpen some holes on the bench we fix them by the time eighty six came around i said voice not just win we're going to dominate and we did now you had a lot i mean it times throughout the book it says that you don't have a lot of important so you had you didn't have as much influence later years as putting a team together but then you just reference point where you guys put the team together you it seemed that you had input to say okay i need a right handed bat off the bench i'll tim top i wanna go get a veteran guy like bob you heater to fill out this they have how much input did you have with frank cashing building that team from what it was an eighty four eighty five to eventually the world champs in eighty six i think had influence because i told him first of all i got hired i said i i'll get lou gorman he's your system i want to talk to you and fortunately lou gorman with the boston red sox so it was just me and frank and i tell him everything i thought about the club one on one and who i needed where our weaknesses were who i need to replace hojo right night because a guy in saint louis they mighty herzog would take advantage of our weaknesses and he did all that and once we accomplished all the things that i thought were weaknesses under ball club i knew we were going to dominate and even in eightysix whitey herzog in the first month said we catching the mets nobody is we're talking right now david johnson former manager of the new york.

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