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And he's wondering is there some sort of an herb aside that he can use that would target the su mac but then not hurt the roses well yes by all means no i don't know that i'm going to try to be specific about the material however the procedure these been doing has i'm sure helped because anytime you can keep a plan from having full age collecting light making food you're damaging and that's good now his mike concern for him is that he cannot over spray his roses with a nervous side strong enough to knock out samak so he's going to have to continue for all practical purposes they removal the cutting off of the samak then given i'm supposing three weeks the su mac will start sending up new shoots new leaves and so on at that point he's going to have to spot kill an exactly how i'm not sure it will be a matter of not using something that will atomised spray more of a drip i used to use a i call a plunger type we are oil can where i would mix up the material in a separate container port and this little reservoir then i would literally drizzle it down the stems on the leaves and so on right in among the roses and for the most part either a stronger formula of roundup or van into some other brush killers that i'm going to tell him to read labels in the store but.

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