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His home on Parkway avenue Thirty-seven-year-old shop multiple times inside his vehicle according to police, and they say the man who fired those shots as Dangelo Morgan Thirty-three-year-old now locked up charged with several crimes, including that murder reward leading to the arrest of a man who opened fire on a Houston. Motorists killing a seven year old girl in the vehicle is up to at least one hundred thousand dollars Porsche Washington says man in a red pickup truck pulled alongside or started shooting without provocation. Him his heart is going to finally get see him his conscious is finally going to get to see my my child face crosses TV. So many times. He's got he's gone. Some are calling the Texas shooting a hate crime. But investigators are not speculating on a motive at this point, Charlotte. Waste crews will begin to pick up discarded Christmas tree starting on Monday. Glaspie explains what happens after that. But we'll back in the old days Christmas trees are just landfill with all the other way. But no more that's against the law. We grind trees up, and we make mulch out of the trees and the molten and goes back into our composting operation. Lumber county director solid waste at Jeff. Smith Berger says the compost is sold. The first step is for residents of Charlotte and six other Mecklenburg county communities to put the trees, minus decorations out for pickup by city waste pickup. Crews on the regular waste pickup days Christmas trees will really start to show up in earnest over the next two weeks joelovesbeets WBZ news. The government says eight point four million Americans have signed up for coverage this year under the Obama health law. Those numbers out today reflects steady enrollment even supporters of the law appeal a court ruling that recently declared it on constitutional WBZ news time seven three when it comes to taking care of your family and keeping.

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