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From this shine shop on the line at hunt valley horsepower mike we are ready for your tip of the week sir all right we're talking with thing and odor this week especially in winter copper in close that all your right i like the better when you call it stains in stink okay fame to think that nokia uh obviously with things if you still something you want to flawed it up as soon as possible yorker to drive body gulf south in what you get to the main parking lot flooded off and i i mean flock seltzer don't rub it as soon as possible so utah spring is then okay we can just hang up in spring well well if that's the way you want to go that fine with me but it will be much easier he got it acidify and and you don't want to rub because you have to spread the the material arouse and forces down into the padding either in your whole three or bring your carpet the you want to block things up um if you have a stain if you have you noticed that if you didn't get up right away um do you want to find out exactly what they're saying is and then go on the internet and and google it as far as you know coffee stain remove or or things like that and they'll be uh plenty of answers on their to do if you don't generally need anything seriously as far as chemicals go most of us stains in cars can be cleaned up with either white senator mixture for hydrogen peroxide mixtures which is what most of the professional chemicals are so just google the stay or google the manufacturer of the product that you spills they're or sell over in your car and that'll help you get that out uh and again blocks the stain off just kind of sad your microphone towel on the stain and that'll help full it up into the talents that aerobic without making a bigger mess um insults over saturate the material with the without whatever chemical using the remove the stain because that'll help drive down into the thing and you'll uh you'll find that you think he's got the stain remove and then maybe we salute you later uh stay in a comeback because you you've oversaturated um as far as odors uh you want us go through the car make sure you remove any trashing free maybe that mcdonald's fact that.

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