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Investigation for the shooter of a seven-year-old Houston girl leads to an arrest care oldies. Charlie Hodges, his live with the story. Harris County sheriff's office says the suspect under arrest in the shooting death of seven-year-old. Jasmine barnes. The sheriff's office says twenty year old Eric black junior is in custody. Black is African American Barnes. Family. Attorney Lee married says investigators were working on a theory that the shooter was white sheriff's office says these arrests are coming in from a tip actually came into my office. And it was immediately share it with the sheriff's department. So on saying that he knew the person that I made a confession to rather. Unbelievable because he flew in the face of all the evidence we have received up into that point. Black was arraigned this morning, courtesy of on scene. TV survive have set your bail at Nobel time being personal bond approved prosecutor told the judge at the bond hearing that the gun at used in shooting was found in blacks apartment. Police say black admitted to taking part in the shooting after he was taken into custody. Jasmine's family will bury her on Tuesday. Reporting live, Charlie Hodges, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Thank you, Charlie. San antonio. Police are looking for a woman suspected of abducting an eight month old child on Friday night. King Jada villa was taken from Westside convenience store. The boy's father, Christopher Davila and who's vehicle. The suspect was seen driving away was arrested on shell endangerment charge. San Antonio police chief Bill McManus says that the family was not providing any help to police the family is not cooperating as is the father Christopher not cooperating. According to police, the suspect is a thin white or Hispanic female in her twenties thirties, she was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and tan or Brown pants. Police believe that Christopher wwl Llanos the woman who took the baby and that the abduction was planned police Raskin anyone with information on king's whereabouts to call nine one one Frisco police are asking for the public's help to identify a person of interest through school. Police say on November nineteenth of twenty eighteen at around twelve noon, an adult male allegedly attempted to have. Inappropriate encounter with a juvenile male in a bathroom at the AMC movie theater inside Stonebriar mall, due to the nature of the incident. And the fact that the victims of minor Frisco police are not releasing any additional details, but they have made a picture of that person of interest available on their website Frisco, Texas dot gov. Anyone with information is asked to contact detective Wade Hornsby with Frisco police, Scott west NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD the government shutdown as derailed the grand opening of the techs rail due to the government shutdown. Trinity metro has been unable to get clearance on the entire twenty-seven mile corridor by the federal railroad.

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