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I mean, that's so that was the ultimate gift. But always turns already over you. The pay for gas. But heck, I'm not complaining. Doing. All right. Those quarterbacks treat their offensive lineman's. Like that. I think a lot of the smart quarterbacks in all of them are smart. So I think one of the things they know how to connect with their guys they'll give them gifts take them to dinner. Maybe once a week boomer did that with us. And from what I hear they take offense of lineman in. That's not that we expect that. But they just do that. That's them. I mean, and they understand the cohesiveness teamwork that importance behind it. I mean when when when you see when there's an offensive line problem. I think it's the most glaring thing on the field jets fan. I had a Wayne hunter. And dude on giants this year. Yeah. Flowers, there's a weak link, and it just the one thing you can't hide you can't mask, and you can't even really scheme help around it. Right. So if you're on a line like that there's a problem, and everyone knows it. You can't even sugar coat it. What do you do well to use analogy of that a former teammate of mine I played next to him for my first four years. He was my left guard. And he says it best and you take your fist. If you're gonna punch something and you have four fingers here. But you don't have that thumb. It's not going to be very solid, right. If you take those four fingers, and you put that thumb as a line if you have four guys execute one. It's not gonna work you need all five guys. And it's very important. I'm it. It's one of those things I had a chance to really gain a lot of accolades, but I know is because the guys next to me and not only the floor their lineman, but you're tied in the tide. Very important to tow it is. I mean, it's like when things are going. Well, nobody talks about it. Holding penalty jump off sides you move. It's going to happen. So you really have to be coordinated. Working together. The communication is amazing. That was the biggest thing with luck for for three years. Like, why did it lived up to what he was supposed to be the terrible lady. Grigson just in. Volving door guys every every draft. What do you do if one of those pieces is slacking? I would imagine that if you if one of those five pieces like letting guys through or the quarterbacks not being protected you get pissed right? Like, how do you handle that? Well, you don't you make adjustments in? That's where the line comes into play it in the coaching staff. I mean, we should be prepared during the week. If something does happen you have game plan adjustments. Let's say you have left tackle has gotten. So and you have a guy that kind of having his weight, then all of a sudden tied in you have a running back chips. And maybe you slide that way with the guards protecting inside. So that comes down to strategy. So you have to be that's why you know, old guys we sit there and watch. And when a guy continues to get beat play after player like let's make an adjustment. It should be the coaches line coach coordinator, and you should be able to make those just judgments throughout the football game. It shouldn't take a quarter or half before you make them especially now with the you know, the surfaces and all the technology. They have. The pictures. They have you should be able to make those adjustments. And that's what you do that. I could never be in that position. I would just want to bitch them out all getting your ass be up when your quarterbacks on his ass every time, and it's just you know. There's never a moment where you're chewing some guy out or your dogs. You really don't because you have to have short memory. I mean because if you're too in this guy out, then it might happen to you. What are you gonna say that? But no, it's you really got. I mean, it's it's so quick it happened. So quickly the audibles, and they just. A lot of times you can tell the quarterback doesn't have to say anything in you know. Yeah. I always stop back..

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