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Mormon church where the troops sometimes met prosecutors say he abused one of the boys at the church It's 6 18 Time for traffic and weather on the 8th and it's Jack in the traffic center I think all the activities finally cleared no longer flashing lights you're just seeing red brake lights in Virginia leaving Alexandria on the inner loop out by the time you get to van dorn street scene of the original crash I think everything's gone There had been some activity over on the right shoulder Now I can not see that in the camera unclear if it's still there But the delay should begin to ease back a bit We're getting slower 95 north pound trying to move toward woodbridge the earlier activity after Dale City we had a broken down vehicle That's gone Beyond the academy you're good into Springfield north onto three 95 without troubles all the way to the 14th Looking good coming out of Springfield on the inner loop of the beltway so far although near Braddock road we've got reports of a crash you will be approaching it at speed so to be careful 66 is good at a Gainesville east through centerville and leaving the beltway and inside the beltway toward Rosalind we're in good shape as you leave Frederick and Maryland on two 70 going southbound unclear if any debris was found it was reported near 85 some heavy traffic beyond that in urbana headed down toward one O 9 beltway also getting a bit heavier topside outer loop from New Hampshire toward Georgia Nice and quiet still between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway Hopefully they broken down vehicle cleared was on the interloop of the beltway after the John Hansen highway had been along the right side and they were cleaning up a wreck on the ramp interlude with the beltway to go west on two 14 the vehicle is off the roadway to the right side in the grass ID me saving taxpayers over $210 billion securing identities providing equitable access and preserving control of personal data More at ID dot me slash our promise Jack Taylor WTO P traffic.

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