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The rams and the situation against the rams that could have derailed him for the rest of the year so okay on Thursday against the bad blood lines defense **** came out had his best game of the year that to me is a positive the game plan Mitch was out on the edge mac Nagy decided to run the football more got Mitch out on the edge of Mitch became more comfortable I saw it the Miller he put in positions to make plays in Anthony make those plays those are all positive I think they ran the football better last week because that offense of line whatever the make up of that offense of line is it worked maybe there will be some positive you know Kerry through from that as well so I can pick out things that would lead me to say bears twenty to seventeen but at the end I kind of found myself that show me mode and my decision was cowboys twenty pairs seventeen what I'd be shocked if the bears won absolutely not but I got to see them do it before I jump on the bus you know what I'm saying yeah absolutely now of now who do you guys have tonight I'm I'm picking the cowboys all the way and the only thing I really think the bears have going in them in their favor and as strange as this sounds because of the critique that man they get better under all season long is that I think I give the check check mark in the coaching aspect because Jason Garrett I agree has shown over over the past decade and especially this year that he's not going to go out there and put the Dallas Cowboys in the best position to win but talent wise I think the cowboys are one of the best teams in football right right it's a head case right now with everything going on in the struggle with is well it's it was a theme of mine weeks ago they struggle with teams that are good at the point of attack yeah especially in that that and that's the strength of the cowboys offense of line and I know I believe it's the right guard or one of their guards is out with an A. C. L. but from tackle to tackle that's a big burly group and in our our front struggles with that and without a keen Hicks I might if a healthy Akeem Hicks if he was coming back this week when I would be more intrigued by the bears for right now just feel like everything the bears have done and it's been based on the schedule they beat and some bad teams and they boosted their record to six and six here but what if they win this game okay this play the what if if he wins it with a win this game this would be a huge turnout some builder it would be three in a row okay a long a long break to prepare for the Packers which may not necessarily be good for ninety Hollister you're gonna get a keen Hicks back for the Green Bay Packers game you're going to feel good about yourself now how good about yourself I don't know but I can also paint your rosy scenario that if they find a way to beat this cowboys team it could be kind of a jumping off there's no question for something it least very intriguing over the last three games is C. could finally the night I would be absolutely impressed it would be when the most impressive thing it would be the most impressive thing they've done all season if they find a way to beat this cowboys team what do you know what about testing could you guys do me a favor and ask a manager or anybody at the Twin Peaks in Warrenville and find out if they serve haters there because all I hear is a bunch of haters I don't know if you guys know this but Mitchell service he was just named the FedEx air player of the week by the fans and his his appearance who are also the fans so wait a second he got the award over Aaron Rodgers who threw four touchdown passes in the snow in New York listen hater the fed ex air player of the week is Mitchel Joseph stripper travesty I don't I believe George Patterson was named the A. F. C. special teams player of the month he was so or at least the week maybe maybe a month it was a month wasn't even better sure the month the year why not the year just give a total right now that would be factually inaccurate a year right now actually he's the special teams on that being said probably the cowboys are gonna win but if this seems like because of the weather and I know it's not that cold out you're not used to it just listen I know but if you're not used to it it's not as bad as it was when they face the patriots the cowboys but I think that if the bears can get out to a lead early in the first quarter get a get a ten nothing or some like that and the defense really frustrates the cowboys you can get a team that might just say this a new chief I'm out I I can tell you from experience this weather this is not a difference but this is like having a seventy degree day in September yes I mean this is there I know I know they're from Dallas but still there's no wind there's no moisture and it's going to be like thirty eight degrees at kickoff in early December you can ask for a better night than that all I know is that we play football down here in there whether they got a bunch of Dante's down there in the south and they can't handle this okay they don't want to smoke they can't handle it bears by fifty by the way Jeff Dickerson has confirmed by a tweet from seven hours ago the bears in court Errol Patterson named NFC special teams player of the month for November yeah you were right you're good at that sort of stuff we need to see is prince Amukamara is he going to be like it was not trending I don't believe you practiced at their last full practice so I'm concerned that an already depleted bears defense by injury is going to be missing when their top two quarterbacks that doesn't help when you've got Amari Cooper Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb I'll be willing that any of you guys at one of that okay yeah it's not a major you know state but if if the bears beat the cowboys tonight I'd be willing to wager with all of you that they would be the Packers no no that the eagles will end up winning the NFC east so the point of my story here is that they're on round that that that they will unravel fully if they lose tonight which is why I think there's a good chance you may get one of their more focused efforts of the sea now I don't want that that that I I just I I got enough on the cowboys already which is weird that I've got like money on the cowboys esok how boys fan yesterday I'm like you know we ban on the cowboys to win the Superbowl thirty five to one I mean it was just a one dollar I was good news is at least we'll get a home game if they win division so right and what I'm saying the unfair force the hawks yeah I I'm I'm I'm good to to to kiss that money away for repairs went over the the the cowboys tonight all I'm on saying is that we've spent a lot of money on gambling this summer south course you know than the twenty five dollars yes a three one two three three two three seven seven six it but you want to take part here what do you are you confused do you think this is going to be a good night for the bears are we going to be I put up that Packers game in that small crack that's open to to go to the post season will be open just a little bit more tomorrow on a football Fridays we talk about a victory Friday or will Mitch in like this is the other part I heard cap talking about this with black in in centerman today is the only really great when the bears have this year is against the Vikings and that came with chase Daniel so Mitch service he doesn't even if it is signature well right if he was a college basketball team you would say Mitch lacks a quality went yes so this is the other big picture part of these last four games even if the bears don't make the postseason you could not have a better audition for Mitchell Tibesti then these last four games what on that note I would suggest to you that his play is more important than anything that transpires over the Max right or weeks now let's play this out let's say the the unthinkable happens or the unlikely happens and they run the table and they find themselves in the post season I anything's possible the NFL I get it is this a if you're supporting that still eat sweet mustache what what is is this a Superbowl winning team currently as okay no that's my point so so when you factor that out what's more important than getting an up close and personal view extended view of this quarter back over the next four weeks against better opponents right with something to play for two it's not like the bears are out of it yeah you know what I'm saying we are you calling card each time well you're already down twenty or in the big picture you've already been eliminated from the playoffs this is a big game tonight and if they win then it will set up another big game in Green Bay so those are games that means something for the bears and for best well think about it what if the bears go three in one and they missed the post season but in all four games Mitch plays really well in the one loss isn't because images because for whatever reason the defense tripped up and could make a stop and crunchy on nature based he plays really well over the last four games we have a completely different narrative in the autopsy that's my point so for him for the organization and for everyone who loves this football team the next four weeks the outcome of the game wow is the ultimate you know think that we're looking for I can argue that the play of the young quarterback is more important overall regardless of the outcome of these games I mean this is like I said you could go to into against these four teams and Mitch play really well you know what I'm saying how do you cook but has he put together a four game stretch in his entire career and what not really well he hasn't and that that's that's a very good response I'm just saying if you're like this and we spent the last how many weeks probably six weeks talking about hell one of the bears gonna do next year right well that narrative is still the set changes dramatically if number ten goes out and plays very well or above average over the next four weeks regardless of how many of these games they went can I tell you that one team in town could change things dramatically because of something that happened last night that's coming up okay that's good teeth here's.

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