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With two victim to help them to provide the kind of aid and assistance they need and also what one of the reasons you know if the state now have um registry where people convicted of sexual assault after register at that only comments from criminal violations of the law if somebody's found guilty of sexual thought there to university and and i mean clearly you know bait they did it well they get thrown out of the universe but they don't go into effect registry which means they could repeat air behavior elsewhere so frankly for the protection of victims and the protection of people falsely accused university should now be hailing they should always stand up to local prosecutors for an i get a final question for your hands if if he will put our our our mindset to that of the people in and academia an education in these colleges and universities why do they wanna take the time and the effort with these sorts of allegations what are they trying to socially engineer here i'm not asking you a justified or give me the conservative heritage foundation position but what is it that they are trying to do by having these educational tribunals well quite frankly um some of the people in charge of the kind of thing particularly to title nine coordinator title nine is the federal law that governs university of thursday a day after jacked fired her existence and their salary at one of the reasons they wanna to it but also some of the folks who work there have the craziest ideas i i i wrote an article that long ago about one particular case where a student looks falsely accused ended up suing university shh and a quarter pay it really sampling a league title nine coordinator who handled the case and ultimately found the accused student guilty what's i wanted who literally sad and had written article saying that um it'll if a woman can to having sex but then later on down the road regrets that she did it that's rate well i've i've heard i've said this for many years in covering these college rape cases in the rate culture they tell us exists there is that.

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