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The Tri state. The inbound Dan Ryan, stop and go between the Stevenson and Roosevelt. It's 18 minutes from 95th the downtown and super clear of a vehicle fire on the eastbound side of I 80 94 just before you get to Ripley. Has been another fatal shooting in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood hot spot in recent weeks for gang and gun violence. It happened earlier this afternoon, right before the afternoon rush hour got started in a 48 100 block of Bernard Wg and Shannon Halligan was above the scene in Sky Cam. Nine is that scene was just unfolding in the Albany Park neighborhood of reports of several shots fired. We did see one person on the ground being treated by paramedics and then transferred into an ambulance. No word yet on that person's condition again. That was hell again from a while ago. The victim has since died. A 38 year old man, no word yet on his identity. Suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the leg. No suspects in custody. President Trump will spend his first night in the White House tonight since Friday. His position released him from Walter Reed Medical Center earlier this evening, said at the time. The president had been fever free for 72 hours, but described him as not out of the woods yet. The president was transported back aboard Marine one. He'll continue treatment for covert 19 at the White House, including receiving his fifth dose of rim disappear tomorrow. Tropical storm system grew in strength tonight and has now been named Hurricane Delta and it's a Category one. That's according to the National Hurricane.

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